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    Who is history's all-time greatest military leader?

    Yes, it does. Imagine if he hadn't lost to either Frazier or Norton. How would he be thought of?
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    ***Pictures / Videos***

    Is the "guy in orange" about 9, or is he just very, very small?
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    Which known person is punching above their weight in regards to physical attractiveness?

    Yes, I wonder just what the air hostess' daughter saw in the future King of England
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    ~ TENNIS - Djokovic ties Sampras with year-end no1 record ~

    The should still be playing. No-one won that third set.
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    ***Pictures / Videos***

    Use it as a chance to grow up a bit?
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    ***Pictures / Videos***

    Ah, a hilarious "prank" If either of my boys goes down that route when they get older, they're out. Fucking idiots.
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    Netflix going full nonce ...

    But they're not even hot. At least show hot kids, FFS
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    Critic of Vladimir Putin, Alexei Navalny, poisoned

    They appear at least to have looked into it for a few seconds. Which is a few seconds more than you did.
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    Critic of Vladimir Putin, Alexei Navalny, poisoned At least check your bullshit before you post it.
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    ***Pictures / Videos***

    Well, the fucking idiot has broken both his legs, but his trainers are still funny :-)
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    Petty irritants in life that get you way more furious than is justified?

    You're upset because celebrities don't like your tweets?
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    Megan Markel cringeathon Rbr

    But do you like her, or not?
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    US Presidential Election - November 3rd 2020

    Certainly no one in America is winning this one
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    Top Fifteen Albums of the 1990s

    It wasn't dogshit. It a) wasn't the first album, and b) as someone else mentioned, it was a bloated cocaine guitar album. It has some good tunes, it also has some poor ones and some which go on way too long. Be Here Now is a pretty good analogy now someone else mentioned it. I honestly can't...
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    Top Fifteen Albums of the 1990s

    Not sure if it's been posted already, but: Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque