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    Andy Ruiz vs Charles Martin IBF Final Eliminator

    If Martin wins and becomes the IBF Mandatory, I say AJ send a cardboard Cutout. It still beats Martin inside 5 rounds. :rofl:rofl:rofl
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    AJ - Froch 'Beef'!

    Seems like no one is actual interested in seeing an even fight only in the trash talk beforehand.
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    Tyson Fury (Lineal & WBC) vs. Anthony Joshua (WBA. IBF, WBO & IBO)

    I can't see it happening pre vaccine which means summer 21 at the earliest. They aint giving up ~£2-5m of gate receipts.
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    Eddie Hearn...

    The latest from EH and Kugan...
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    Is Haney Racist? Looks to me like despite his protestations to the contrary Haney has a problem with white people...
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    John Fury (8-4-1)...

    Dangerous violent Psycho who should be rotting at Her majesty's Pleasure...
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    FANTASY MATCH - Clinton Woods (IBF) vs. Carl Froch - April 12th 2008

    Froch for me. He was on his way up and on the Brink of World Title level, and had the best jaw I ever saw so I'm confident he could have won this at LHW had it been at the higher weight, even bigger shoe in at SMW. Woods was on his way down and about to lose his titles next time out. I think...
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    Arum Says Ticket prices will drop?

    Anyone believe Arum, EH or Warren are actually gonna drop prices?
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    Is Mike Tyson the most romanticised boxer in history??

    Maybe there are more technically better fighters in history but he has to be top 5 for me just based on the domination before Douglas and the brutality of his KO's and how he just basically ran at guys from the first bell and went in all guns blazing. No other fighter has managed to beat so...
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    Anthony Yarde's father dies from COVID19 Talk about kicking a family when they're down. There are no words.
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    Anthony Joshua (WBA, IBF, WBO & IBO) vs. Kubrat Pulev - POSTPONED BBC have it now.
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    Katie Taylor (WBC, WBA, IBF & WBO) vs. Amanda Serrano (38-1-1) - POSTPONED Sorrano says its off, no confirmation from EH yet....
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    Anthony Yarde's father dies from COVID19 Thoughts with Yarde and his family on this terrible news.
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    Eddie Hearn is going to lose a lot of money to COVID-19.

    Once again you are assigning malevolent motives to him which goes against evrything he is saying, he is simply a business owner trying to keep his business and his employees afloat. Yes it is optimisitic not to have cancelled the May shows already but he almost says he will be but he is leaving...