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  • Yo just an FYI but I didn't clear you off that Google+ shit, my entire account has been deleted, YT and everything and I didn't authorize it. No idea why the fuck that happened :rofl all i have is my email still. Usually they only do that on copyright infringements and shit, I didn't have a single upload. :huh
    It's a miracle and a nightmare :lol: I should've put my Vcash on the under. But I went all in on JR :-( Damn.
    If you find a stream I'm sure on VIP box or firstrow sports that shows the whole card they should be showing it :happy War Davey boy :bbb
    Thinking of going all in (vcash) for the Heat to come through tonight, but I'm concerned about a repeat from the 2011 Finals? Surely, LeBron won't let this happen will he? :rofl :-( I thought he was a changed man and player after finally getting his ring and then steamrolling the international comp to lead the USA to Gold in London. The Spurs have played him brilliantly but he's gotta overcome that shit. I'm anxious.
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