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    RBR!!! Adam Kownacki vs. Chris Arreola - August 3rd 2019

    Lets be honest. Kownacki is pretty shite.
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    Kudryashov v Makabu 16th June Russia LIVE ON BOXNATION NOW

    Romanov is having problems against a walking punching bag lol.
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    RBR!!! Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz/Josh Warrington vs Kid Galahad/WBSS Cruiserweight Semi-Finals!

    This guy knows his boxing. Briedis still got a gift against Gevor tough.
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    Daniel Dubious V Nathan Gorman - (Tyson Furys Cousin)

    Dubois will be on the front foot as usual trying to get close to Gorman. If you watch Dubois you will see that he cant fight long. So he will try to get to the mid range of Gorman. While he tries Gorman just uses his feet and speed to outbox punish and counter Dubois. Wich will be quite easy for...
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    Daniel Dubious V Nathan Gorman - (Tyson Furys Cousin)

    Maybe not chinny but he is easy to hit. The guy is pretty basic to be fair. Gorman on the other hand has very fast hands for a big guy and decent power. He also moves pretty well. All in all he just has more talent than Dubois.
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    Daniel Dubious V Nathan Gorman - (Tyson Furys Cousin)

    Its so clear to see that Dubois gets knocked out. Just watch and see. Funny how he is rated as some huge prospect lol.
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    Tyson Fury (Lineal) vs. Tom Schwarz - June 15th 2019

    Hammer went 10 with Ortiz.
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    The Official 'I have something to say about Boxing that doesn't warrant its own thread' Thread

    He is the best polish Cruiserweight imo. Good fighter.
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    Joshua's American dilemma

    This is a multi million dollar contract.Anybody who works in the legal field will know that Matchroom regulated the details of a rematch clause (where, when, split and so on). Simple as that. That being said, just because they have a rematch clause with a determined location of course Matchroom...