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    Errol Spence (IBF) vs. Terence Crawford (WBO)

    Crawford is just a better fighter
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    Andy Ruiz Jr (WBA, IBF, WBO & IBO) vs. Oleksandr Usyk

    I'd take Usyk if it were to happen
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    WBC-Canelo romance knows no limits. Another belt for Canelo and Charlo is declared champ

    Charlo hasn't earned a fight against any champion at Middleweight. He fought the 40th ranked Korobov into the 20th ranked Adams. That's good progression in terms of opposition, but he talks as if others are dodging him. Nobody is dodging him. He just has no fans or following because he...
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    RBR!!! Keith Thurman (WBA) vs. Manny Pacquaio - July 20th 2019

    I've got the All-Timer in a close one. Hope the judges are fair, but wouldn't be surprised if PBC youngsters get another favorable scorecard
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    Gary Russell Jr (WBC) vs. Leo Santa Cruz (WBA)

    Great fight. Hope it happens
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    GGG vs Jaime Munguia Could Be Next

    Uninspiring fight which is discouraging considering GGG is coming off an even worse opponent
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    Possibly Canelo vs Kovalev Nov 2 in Las Vegas

    Great fight
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    Why not Lara vs GGG?

    This are a clown :/
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    How would Canelo or GGG fare against a prime Toney?

    Hiding? I keep getting bullied and banned by the dicksucking admins here. They are mad I don't buy into their propaganda about litte g or other similar fighters. Ideally I could chat here without being harassed by the admins and banned without reason (other than they disagree with what I have...
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    Golovkin's legacy

    golovkin is king of tomato cans having fought nobody of relevance his entire professional career. All the while he calls at smaller fighters, demands catchweights against good bigger fighters, but is willing to fight bad-decent bigger fighters at larger weights. golovkin is one of the bigger...
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    How would Canelo or GGG fare against a prime Toney?

    Canelo's counter was better lmfao
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    Khan looking towards Danny Garcia

    I picked DSG in the 1st fight and will pick him again in the rematch. Despite how limited DSG is he still packs a pow on his looping shots and Amir is a very "stupid" boxer (at the elite level). As Roach suggested, Canelo set Amir up beautifully but even as an observer I thought it was...
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    Povetkin apperantly tested positive for Meldonium

    Dude Dope Ass in profile pic
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    Ward Tossed From Gym For Spying On Behalf of Lara?

    A story by Gabriel Montoya...the infamous internet blogging sensationalist (whose probably worked with TMZ)...yet you guys jump on his "inside" information as if it were any type of reliable source. This forum is going to shit
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    Who are the Gutsiest Fighters?

    Good trolling