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    Billy Joe Saunders vs Shefat Isufi - The WBO super-middleweight world title.

    On his day Bill will give anyone all sorts of trouble He is a quality fighter regardless,a talented extremely skilled boxer
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    Johnathon Banks says Wlad isn't serious about returning

    Can't see much mileage in a legit klitschko return
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    Fury suggests the end is near - "3 fights and I'm gone"

    Tyson likes to say things like this I believe It generates all sorts of talk,and that's exactly what he wants
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    Sergey Kovalev (WBO) vs. Anthony Yarde

    Yarde is going to get obliterated should this fight occur
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    Joe Joyce to Face Alexander Ustinov on May 18th

    Doubt Ustinov will bring too much danger but there you go Not a bad card
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    Dubois James Stabler rumours.

    Yeah that's him He never used to have a long Barnet though
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    Dubois James Stabler rumours.

    A natural talent indeed,plenty of demons though...
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    Pro Wrestling Thread

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    Things that please you?

    No mate,I thought his posture & muscle tone made for a very good pic A well bred & lean dog I've had plenty of good dogs but this one I just came across online somewhere
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    Anthony Joshua (WBA, IBF, WBO & IBO) vs. Oleksandr Usyk

    Joshua vs usyk Interesting... A fight id like to see
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    Callum Smith (WBA 'Super') vs. Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez (WBA 'Regular')

    Yeah Callum smith will be no pushover But despite size I just expect canelo to deal with him
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    Things that please you?

    Lots of things please me A div getting their comeuppance My daughters smile A piping hot cup of tea Seeing friends & family progress in life
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    Froch-Groves III - what you talkin' bout Froch?

    Your not wrong mate,bet he's no stranger to a splinter or two,all that sitting on the fence he does!