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  • Bogo please don't exaggerate on the "Race baiting" nonsense. I've been here long enough, going back to ESB for you (or whoever it was) to erase my post on some petty shit like that. The race thing makes no sense coming from me.
    Thanks, now I can open that thread lol
    No problem man, just trying to keep the forum active!
    Hello mate, are you a mod? your name is in big blue bold for some reason. I need a mod to delete a post in the lounge i just did, any help?
    I'm sorry.I don't get the map thing mate but in my defence,I'm slightly delirious from the most painful throat and ear infection you could imagine.
    Don't know what I did wrong.:sad5
    Hey bogo could you merge all the new Charlie z threads into one as there are at least three been started today it just looks messy
    Thought I'd come back and concede our last debate like a man. Tried to do it earlier but I got a database error.
    ahh bogo your inbox is full again, I just got back from a cruise and ate like a pig first day back today and I was working harder and smarter.
    hey bogo your inbox is full so I'm not able to send you any msgs. I also didn't receive the pm on the video I sent.
    Thanks for the reply. The Baldomir reference is one that I don't get as I haven't seen the fight but I'll check it out. The distinct variable for me is how Canelo will disperse his energy. There's a lot of discussion about Canelo's stamina "Gasnelo" and such like. I think people have occasionally overlooked the fact that Canelo/Trout had open scoring so it gave Canelo an opportunity to adjust his game plan via an external source. We might see Canelo trying to come out strong in the early rounds (going for the body which seems to be the accepted strategy) or we might see a more opportunistic Canelo who waits for openings. I guess there's the additional question of how much discipline his youth will allow.
    Hey Bogotazo. I really like your fight breakdowns. Have you done one for Mayweather/Canelo yet? I'd be interested in reading it.
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