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    Insane SJW examples of bullshit "microaggressions"

    I feel old. When I was a kid these were grime artists.
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    ***Pictures / Videos***

    Friendly advice gentlemen, don't be a twat like me and click the Play button.
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    Petty irritants in life that get you way more furious than is justified?

    Loosely related, what's with all the fucking mixed race families on adverts now? Are there really that many white men married to black women?
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    Say Someone Wakes From a 10-Year Coma... What's the Most Shocking Thing About the World Today?

    That a man can say he's a woman and have full access to all things female. The biggest shocker to me about that, is even when people are ridiculing a particular case, they still refer to the individual as 'she'.
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    Been away for a's 2020 going for everyone?

    Sorry chaps, what does an adult male get from Buffy? Apart from lusting after Gellar if that's your thing, isn't it a shitty kids show? Tried watching it with my daughter and the effects and everything were fucking awful.
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    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    Also funny that you had a Frenchman playing an English king and an Englishman playing a French king.
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    Might be the funniest/unexpected comment I've seen since "You fucked Healy?"

    Goes off to download a copy of Angel Heart.
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    Insane SJW examples of bullshit "microaggressions"

    I've never understood how your sexual preference puts you in a 'community'. It really does feel like being a white able bodied heterosexual male is the supreme human being and anything else puts you in a suppressed community. Poor bastards.
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    Black Lives Matter...

    You have black people on these marches who have no history of slavery in their ancestry. You have myself who has no history of slave ownership in my ancestry - and they expect me to pay them compensation. They can fuck off!
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    Top 10 Hottest Women of the 80's

    Just trying to work out what has the bigger circumference, the centre circle on a football pitch, or one of her nipples.
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    If you had to pick between AJ and fury..

    It would have to be Fury, as AJ has made it clear he wants nothing to do with my white arse.
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    If you had to pick between AJ and fury..

    Came in to tell you this belongs on the boxing forum, then realised, this doesn't belong anywhere you filthy cunt.
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    I Wanna Take Her To Pound Town!

    What an annoying childish bitch. Lovely teeth though.
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    Is Dr. Pepper better than coke or Pepsi?

    If you like drinking disinfectant, absolutely.