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  • Hello!

    My name is Nicolas Winding Refn, I believe you are familiar with my work.

    I enjoy making a fun movie, but I am a huge critic of my stuff and I am ready to learn from each mistake. I have read some of your comments, and I would greatly appreciate to have you on board for my next project, currently titled 'I Walk With the Dead'. I am looking for some pointers how to write a more coherent story without sacrificing visual style and genre-bending delivery. I will be moving to London shortly, so how about we meet at this incredible Indian restaurant, Moti Mahal, sometime mid-August?

    Cheers mate!
    You piled up the most points before Google-proofing, just saying. :yep

    Nuff mentions tineye all the time, so you bet when he gets a '55 flick I check his site, and what do you know, 3rd still picked up. :lol:

    Year around testing, son, you better
    So you're Bruno? Good lad.

    Yeah, it was a pretty silly thing to do. It's done now though. Even if they unban me, I'm only going to post a photoshop of Boxing Girl with a black cock in her mouth so I get immediately banned again. CHB is where it's at.
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