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    Recommend little known movies no one ever talks about

    Rover with Guy Pearce There’s Film about a paralyzed rich French dude to takes on a black immigrant as his carer which was Quite enjoyable. Prevenge One were Vin Deisel plays a mobster in a court case drama/comedy directed by Sidney Lundy Sorry about the names as they were films I saw in...
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    so you reckon whyte regrets not shaking povetkins hand at the weigh in? lol

    Whenever a fighter hires Ruben Tarvares as their S&C coach they lose.
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    RBR!!! Dillian Whyte (27-1) vs. Alexander Povetkin (35-2-1) - August 22nd 2020

    I don’t think he can stop Povetkin and he certainly can’t outbox him. Povetkin will get jobbed on the scorecards. Whyte vs Hunter would of been the better fight to make but Hearn wouldn’t of been able to put it on PPV.
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    Rate The Last Film You Watched

    Where’s Matchstick Men? Should be in top tier also.
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    Tyson Fury (Lineal & WBC) vs. Anthony Joshua (WBA, IBF, WBO & IBO)

    Joshua beats Fury. I like the way the guy who backed Joshua to retire after the loss to Ruiz were citing him to retire saying Ruiz has his number are backing Fury for an easy win.
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    John Fury (8-4-1)...

    Attention seeker just like his son.
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    Life after boxing for Tony Bellew.

    I thought he wanted to be Anthony from now on??? Attention seeking wanker!
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    ATG Wins by Non-ATG Fighters

    Laing's win over Duran.
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    Who are some athletes 22 years old or younger who you are calling to be future ATGs, HOFers?

    I was going to put Mahomes and B. Mayfield also but their both 23.
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    Frank Warren - Fury bigger draw than Joshua

    Ii don't think they'd sell out Wembley. Emirates yes, Wembley no way. Talking about Wilder vs Fury.
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    Khan v Crawford?

    Ū You dont think it will be PPV?
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    Wilder-fury Tracking at Over 300,000 Pay-per-view Buys

    They'll get close to 50 million for the rematch.
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    Wilder-fury Tracking at Over 300,000 Pay-per-view Buys

    300,000 isn't bad if the ppv costs 75$ because that comes to 22,500.000.
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    Wilder-fury Tracking at Over 300,000 Pay-per-view Buys

    Do you have a number for UK ppv's sold?