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    Andy Ruiz fires trainer

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    Jack Catterall's Mandatory Shot at Jose Ramirez Delayed

    Both MTK and Warren have said Catterall will get his shot before any unification takes place. Although I don't know how this delay with the Postol fight will affect things.
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    Oleksandr Usyk vs. Dereck Chisora

    Chisora hasn't won in the main event since "Kingpin" Johnson six years ago. Yet he's going to be topping another PPV bill. Crazy really.
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    General Chit-Chat thread

    :lol: I'm glad someone is enjoying the chat function.
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    The Official 'I have something to say about Boxing that doesn't warrant its own thread' Thread

    If only Fat Mick still had the budget for posters like this one:
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    Jack Bateson: Why Hasn't a Big Promoter Signed Him Up?

    Bateson's finally back in training after three months out: Let's hope the Ramabeletsa fight can be reorganised for March/April.
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    Josh Wale Challenged for European title... Signs with Dennis Hobson

    Christ, what a garbage card. Wale in the main event against someone who got stopped at bantamweight by Prince Patel last year!
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    All things MTK Global Thread

    Quality card on March 7th:
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    The Most Destructive Performances Against Great Boxers

    In honour of it being the 47th anniversary of George Foreman vs Joe Frazier I today, what are some of your favourite performances when someone dismantled one of the greats?