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    scott harrison 'comeback'

    so...i watched scott harrison's comeback fight on telly was in a small closed doors venue. aside from anything i could say about the fight or show, i have a question. this licensing body was BIBA (british and irish boxing authority)...who claim to be a proper outfit and that these...

    Will fury offer aj 50/50?

    this could be an unprecedented situation that could force a non-title fight between fury v aj....promoted as for the true lineal title....the fight would be just as big...without sanctioning fee percentages and without issues with rematch clauses or manditory defences of belts to be concerned with.

    anthony joshua operation

    he said he needed an operation after first ruiz fight.....wonder what it lot know everything, you'll tell me..

    Whyte rumoured to have failed drugs test

    me too. was ukad that banned tyson fury 16 months after his test....while he had the hammer and klitchsko fight in the meantime....hammer fight was in the uk. a complete confusing mess too.

    Whyte rumoured to have failed drugs test

    any word when the result of this B sample will be ?

    Eddie Hearn Interview - Hearn raging at Interviewer

    hes a promoter....doing what a promoter does and acting like a promoter......morally he may be frowned on, but morality is not his concern...its following and working within the guidelines and laws, and hes done that. these hard questions should be addressed by the british boxing board of...

    Whyte rumoured to have failed drugs test

    ok. 2 scenarios. 1. lets say there was a reason the fight went ahead as the charge could never be upheld....and when the b sample comes it verifies this...whyte has no charge to answer...all is good....done. however... 2. lets say rivas was ko'd badly and is in hospital today recovering from...

    Whyte rumoured to have failed drugs test

    yea.....whatever about the promoter (and of course you're right) ....the BBBoC is the boxing establishment in the britain, what if rivas was seriously do they answer that they knew there was a failed first test and the confirmining B test was going to be after the fight, and they let...

    Whyte rumoured to have failed drugs test

    DB COOPER QUOTE - "From what I have read today, UKAD don't act against the person who tests positive until the B sample has been tested. No interim penalty system under their regime." that actually failing a test at all ? thats like theres a failed test which isnt...

    Whyte rumoured to have failed drugs test

    explain to me like i'm a six yr old someone please....if he did fail a test..a ukad test did the british boxing board clear the fight knowing about such ?

    RBR!!! Jeddah Jamboree: Amir Khan vs Billy Dib, Hughie Fury vs Sam Peter, Prince Patel World Title Fight + MTK in Liverpool

    thats a DQ win for dib that. areza was in ring before it was waved off....regardless of towel, if letter of law is to be followed, khan gets diaqualified

    Tommy Fury - "I am my own man!!"

    her indoors here said that too.

    50 Minute John Fury Interview

    oh....he did speak about tommy at the end....just after i post.

    Tommy Fury - "I am my own man!!"

    i was surprised with his brother / half brother fighting in a "lineal" heavyweight title fight, it didnt show him making any reference to it or show he was concerned or interested how the fight went.