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  • Same thing, just chillin bruh.

    Going on vacation to the Bahamas in a few weeks; can't wait. Hopefully I don't get hit with any Hurricane's while there. Should be a good time though.
    It's been dying out on the scene for ages but personally, I had no real issues with any of them dudes. I got banned for a perfectly valid reason and had no problems prior to that. I could see many complain about it though.
    Damn. Some real good members right there.I'm still I touch with led via email and it was he who told me about this site.

    Not visited the scene for ages, not even to browse. I've moved on, lol.
    What's up, Kev?

    Man, this shit is funny. How many sceners do we have on this board?
    yo homie!

    i really like this place so far. i'm gonna stick around. bscene is making my comp go crazy these days.
    Missed you, bud. We need to have more P4P Seasme Street character rankings around here in the future.:lol:
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