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  • your inbox is full Flea

    You did upload that (Cardona vs Zamora), I didn´t check it before though, damn.. lol
    Btw, on MMA, Werdum vs Hunt this weekend, looking forward to it.
    whats a great asian war to watch? once again, you're much more knowledgable on these guys than me and I'm trying to get into them. Lately I've been watching some FIghting Harada, Yuji Watanabe, Galaxy, and Villa. Any underrated ones that are exceptionally exciting to watch?
    I-...wait, what? You got a lifetime ban from ESB? When? What the flapping fuck? :twisted Why? They're killing that place.
    Hello to you, Mr. Flean. I am your friend. In Nigeria we have not so met maych but you are nobleworthy businessman who is trusted and I am Prince Obungu-baygu's nephew and I have resulted in his will monies but we are in conflict leading to needcessary offshore transaction! We have opportunities for your most smartyness businessman's sense. You would like 1 million US dollars? Yes! If you are give me 25, 000 any marks I am fund to make special Swiss account for mine uncle prince's 50 MILLION and will give your ten percents of this amount for your great work and help. YOU ARE VERY RENOWNEDUSED FROM YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN! PLEASE REPEAT BACK TO ME YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS NUMERY SOON! We are in a vinegar-preserved cucumber over this situation! Urgency!

    ~Prince's Nephew Toth Obumasayku yours es sincerelyed.
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