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    RBR!!! Deontay Wilder (WBC) vs. Luis Ortiz II - November 23rd 2019

    Good first fight but this is not needed now. It should be wilder fury
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    Anyone think Paulie is Sandbagging?

    I think even if he wins Paulie is gonna get hurt. He’s crossed the line multiple times with slapping him, spitting on him, taking about spitting on his mom. Paulie is tough but he gets bruised up pretty easy and has hand problems. And aren’t these rings small to cut out moving like paulie will...
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    I don't even play video games because I don't like losing.

    Doesn't surprise me one bit. Lol Lions Only! then cries after a loss. He's obviously mentally weak and that's why he will never be the man at his weight.
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    Broner arrested

    I also read he is getting sued for over a million for an unpaid jewelry tab. LOL guy is a fucking idiot
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    Let's talk DAZN

    I still haven't subscribed but I saw Joshua-Povetkin on there. I don't like the fact that I can't watch it on my tv since I don't have a smart tv or whatever. If they give us fight like Canelo-GGG 3 or Jacobs type fights then I'm all for it for the price. But I'm still not sure it will be...
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    Wilder: " Mayweather a Hater!!"

    I mean he is right. I know Wilder is just mad he criticized his performance but that is a true statement
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    The Bronze Blunder.

    Fury definitely should have won that fight. I don't know how he came back from that knockdown. Kudos to Jack Reiss for actually giving a count
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    Danny Garcia turns down $3 million+ offer to fight Crawford

    :lol: Danny is delusional
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    Floyd to fight in RIZIN against undefeated kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa

    According to this it might just be an exhibition. Which really it should be if they were going to just bend the rules a lot to have it as anything else but boxing. Just entertainment like Ali vs that wrestler or Foreman against 5 guys within one fight or whatever it was. Doesn't count to their...
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    Is Mayweather ruining whatever legacy he has?

    No but he definitely isn't helping it. Except for lining his pockets which is what it's all about for him so whatever. Even if he fights boxing again and loses, his one lone loss shouldn't matter, but he is the pioneer of this whole keeping your 0 at all costs so it would according to him. If...
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    Wilder vs. Fury Complete Card - Updated 11/6

    Oh for sure. I go to any cards that are close to me really, so definitely would buy tickets to this is you live close enough
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    Floyd to fight in RIZIN against undefeated kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa

    LOL what a joke. If he is going to fight a MMA guy then there needs to be full MMA rules. Of course there won't be though I hope he gets embarrassed
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    Wilder vs. Fury Complete Card - Updated 11/6

    Definitely not worth the ridiculous amount they will charge for it. I'm still going to buy it though lol
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    “I’m the A-side, you call me out, you come into my world."

    This is just pathetic at this point.
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    MMA The official CHB MMA thread

    He should be suspended for that