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    2018/19 Fantasy Football.

    @CJRK is there a league this year?
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    The Paddy "Real Deal" Donovan Hype Train!

    Paddy certainly will have a few words to say about McKenna should they ever meet. Moved into his McKenna's weight class around the same time that Aaron turned pro. Wasn't particularly happy with that.
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    Join the Chantelle Cameron fan club

    I would say Taylor's team would drop the WBC belt before taking on Cameron while she is associated to MTK. And then it is up to Mauricio if he wants to force the issue of the mandatory and lose someone the status of Taylor holding the belt (mandatory status really isn't worth the paper it's...
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    MTK Copies WBSS; Details of Three Boxing Tournaments Revealed -- Sky Sports to Televise

    Peter McDonagh definitely won't be in it. Poor guy will never fight again.
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    Frank Warren / BT Sport Boxing Gossip Thread

    Crocker has been there all along
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    Haringay Box Cup 2019

    Are you implying that the EUBC and AIBA rigged draws to keep Taylor and Chantelle apart? (I'm also the biggest pusher for the fight in the Irish media, I think it's a good fight. Most either don't know Chantelle or write her off)
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    Haringay Box Cup 2019

    Giving an Irish perspective, Senan Kelly and Terry McEntee at light welter and Tommy Hyde at light heavy all have great pro styles, Hyde won last year. Callum Walsh in the light welter youth category is a genuine special talent. With the European Games happening at the same time, none of the...
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    All things MTK Global Thread

    Tommy McCarthy probably the highest-profile to leave. Interview with him about his reasons why - Then there is Sean Creagh (who later rejoined), Jake Hanney, Stephen Carroll (who never had a fight with them), and Craig...
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    All things MTK Global Thread

    Gary Cully v Renald Garrido on this card. Good step up for Cully.
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    All things MTK Global Thread

    They are management rather than promotion. Manage six of the Olympians (5 listed there plus Conlan). Barnes was promoted by Warren at one stage but that is lapsed now I believe.
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    The Official 'I have something to say about Boxing that doesn't warrant its own thread' Thread

    Great analysis @Michael I'll just add here the video of Donovan's stoppage
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    The Official 'I have something to say about Boxing that doesn't warrant its own thread' Thread

    Mike Perez fighting Ilunga Makubu for the WBC Silver in Congo on May 4th. Good fight.
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    Best Journeymen/Away Fighters

    That is the absolute perfect boxer for this thread. Could be a nice one for Gary Cully for the BUI Celtic title.