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  • Yo, maybe we can get some interviews with boxers about upcoming fights? Maybe get a videos and post them here with the live footage of interviews. Have some people doing it in the UK, have some doing it in the states. Maybe that'll up site traffic?
    working on a platform for this and more! ;-)
    Cool, maybe I can try and help with the SW scene. Maybe help with the MMA section too. I mean Jackson Winklejon is based in the city where I live. They know my family.
    Jay. I always get an email about my notifications but they don't show up wheni go to them on the site soi can't find them. Any idea why mate?
    Hey I was advised to contact you about turning off the email notifications from threads I post on. If you are able to please do or let me know if it is something I can do on my end.

    Thank you
    Hey Jay as a suggestion, it wouldn't be a bad idea if you put the black and gold layout as the default, just a suggestion mate.
    How the f do you change a thread title? :think I edit it in advanced edit mode of 1st post, and edit it outside by double clicking, nothing happens. The other day it changed. Now it doesn't. Do mods change it as they see posters trying, is there a special method, or it takes time for change to apply?
    Oh, oh, oh, yes. :lol: Excuse me, brother, I wasn't thinking. :yep I wasn't sure what to make of that. How did it happen? I was very confused.
    :lol: perhaps.. but there are more features and toys to play with here than that other ancient place and i have a habit of searching for errors and making sure it all works :gsg. so far nothing has blown up in my face.

    it also helps that i have no work to do when i am at work :yep.
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