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    Pro Wrestling Thread

    Jericho is right though. You can argue that constantly bringing up the Black Lives thing only separates people further.
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    Chris Jenkins (British) vs. Conor Benn

    Jenkins will banjo him.
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    Will Lockdown Go Down as The Biggest Human Failure of the last 50 years?

    I think we'll look back in a few years time and realise that it was nothing major to get excited about. I can't stand the thing and the constant talk about it. Television and radio are only giving airtime to the most miserable cunts who have the worst things to say. It's clear as fuck that...
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    Look Fallon is a fucking retard for doing it. It doesn't offend me in anyway shape or form but this thing has been frowned upon for fucking years and years so nobody can tell me that this wasn't done to get a reaction or some cheap headlines.
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    Cop murders black man via suffocation

    That is straight up murder and that prick of a cop should be jailed and given the same punishment a civilian would get. Fucking cunt. Look I'm no expert on this shit but I think a lot of starts with America's gun laws. The fact that anybody can have them definitely plays a part in why some of...
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    ESPN The Last Dance Documentary

    Yeah I was thinking that too. Maybe there was some level of confrontation not mentioned or Jordan realised that there was no point in going against him and that Rodman was too important to the team to start ruffling his feathers.
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    ESPN The Last Dance Documentary

    I finished it last week. Very good series. I disliked Jordan in the beginning but you have to admire his drive and determination as a sportsman. He sounded like a bit of a cunt to be around though with the bullying which I think stems from his teammates outside Pippen and maybe Rodman not being...
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    It's official: Snyder Cut is being released on HBO Max!

    This whole thing got me thinking that now it might be possible to see the proper sequel to The Crow. Absolutely love the first film and while the second was shit it was butchered beyond belief. Was originally supposed to have a runtime of 160 minutes but it got chopped down to 80 something by...
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    Megan Fox

    I enjoy the first two Bad Boys films, the first Transformers was decent enough and Pain and Gain was okay though I'd be in no hurry to ever watch the latter two again. Wasn't it him that made Armageddon? I remember seeing a story wher Affleck said on set that it'd make far more sense if their...
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    Megan Fox

    She likened Bay to a Nazi didn't she. Bad move when you consider Hollywood has a big Jewish presence. Still though she had a role in the new Ninja Turtles films which Bay produced. But yeah her star faded pretty fuckin big when she was fired off Transformers. Back then she was easily one of the...
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    Kung fu teacher vs amateur fighter

    Type in Xu Xiandong into YouTube Doby.
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    Megan Fox

    My thoughts exactly. Someone said it earlier in the thread and they're spot on with the Blink 182 comparison.
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    Kung fu teacher vs amateur fighter

    I was wondering what happened to him. These wing chun and kung fu blokes are only shadowboxers man. Most of the videos I see of them they are getting rattled by every shot that lands on them. I've no doubt some of them are very skilled but it's like they never condition their body to take...
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    It's official: Snyder Cut is being released on HBO Max!

    Yeah apparently they butchered Suicide Squad in post production. Originally I think it was supposed to be a far darker film. They ordered changes which left much of Leto's Joker on the cutting room floor etc. Think that alternate cut you're talking about might just be a few extra scenes added in...