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    Anthony Yarde: future world champ?

    Smiggo swinging from his hip in his retirement
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    Matt Hamilton's mathematical top 100 boxers

    I ain’t seen him on social media pass few year . He was meant to be the South Africans version on Al Haymon . Extract from a bio “Matt makes recommendations in regard to clients options. In addition to finding income sources, he handles public relations matters for clients. He is able to manage...
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    RBR!!! WBSS in Glasgow: Taylor-Baranchyk, Inoue-Rodriguez + BT Fight Night: BJS-Isufi, Joyce-Ustinov!

    Long night of boxing hopefully in doesn’t go on til midnight
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    Nxtgen Okolie-Watkins/ Bellotti-Ryan Doyle/ Yeleussinov

    Howard jumping in like a cat on hot coal
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    MGM Marbella

    FRIGHT CLUB Crime lord Daniel Kinahan ran MGM boxing operation like a ‘cult’ as insider reveals how gangster ruled over fighters with fear
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    BJS and Kugan 30 Min Interview

    I wonder what s special diet is? He gives the impression his former coach wouldn't put emphasises on quality nutritional foods
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    What Next for James Degale

    Lack of coverage (understand its AJ time) any news on UK TV rights
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    Smith vs Brähmer

    ‘ Saturday, February 24th 2018 Arena Nürnberger Versicherung In the FA Cup nobody gets home advantage in the semi-final, do they? Even before they played them at Wembley they would have them at Villa Park or somewhere like that,’ Gallagher Thoughts.
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    What Next for James Degale

    "had a rematch clause" if is there if he wants it (Daily Mirror)
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    Katie Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill

    barker saying its classy stuff what is he watching
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    Katie Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill

    Katie does hold a lot
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    Katie Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill

    Please with the ignorance this is not womens boxing . Everyone now is non Binary