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    Gennady Golovkin vs Sergiy Derevyanchenko is set for October 5th

    If that shot of Golovkin is any recent, it's a good sign. Abel let him get way too out of shape between fights these past couple years and it did him a huge disservice. He and Banks will actually be able to work on stuff in camp instead of whatever the hell he did with Abel. I got a feeling...
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    I don't condone violence, but gays should be executed - Anti-gay pastor STEPHEN ANDERSON

    He does have a pretty gay sounding voice tbh.
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    Commonly accepted folk wisdom that you think is bullshit. What are some examples?

    And speaking to the topic at hand, I have yet to step on a crack and break my mama's back so I'm thinking that one is bullshit.
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    Commonly accepted folk wisdom that you think is bullshit. What are some examples?

    Have not tried that, but something random along those lines, anytime I've chugged Evian water before bed, I have noticed a striking difference in the frequency and intensity of my dreams damn near every time. I should see about the cheese bit.
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    What does Gin taste like?

    A good gin is a wonderful thing.
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    Socialists are whiny little pussies

    What I would've given to see a marching band stroll right through, batons and flags whirling with a close up of the one guy who complained at the beginning just losing his shit.
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    Another White Supremacist mass shootin, El Paso 20+ dead 40 wounded

    The dude lives in fucking El Paso. Is he surprised that there is such an Hispanic presence? He's going to hate the Hispanic invasion of his prison cell.
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    GGG - Derevyanchenko for vacant IBF belt?

    I think GGG gets to Derev's guts. If Golovkin stays in shape, has a good camp and digs to the body like he did to Rolls, I think he should take care of Chenko handily; I could even see him stopping Derev from a body shot. Gennadiy is going to jab the shit out of him regardless.
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    Maxim Dadeshev dies at 28.

    Another fighter, Hugo Santillan has also died of injuries sustained from last week. The opening of the clip shows him hunched over. It was clear he needed medical attention immediately, yet these fucks keep him in there, wasting valuable time.
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    Rutger Hauer is DEAD!

    Damn. Blade Runner is one of my all time favorites. RIP.
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    Lopez vs Nakatani RbR

    Which didn't actually happen. Not sure if you watched the fight but the way he looked tonight made him look very vulnerable. The Commey fight became more interesting and him against Loma became even more one-sided.
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    Lopez vs Nakatani RbR

    The cockiness of Teofimi's dad isn't going to help him. He clearly has hit some sort of ceiling tonight, whether weight or him fighting a fighter better than we expected. The height shouldn't be too much of an issue. Plenty of shorter fighters have found a way. If you've got that much hype...
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    Lopez vs Nakatani RbR

    Well it looks like McGirt literally saved Dadashev's life because he would've most likely died had he went out that last round.
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    Lopez vs Nakatani RbR

    Lopez better hope 135 becomes too hard to make because Loma completely dismantles him.
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    Lopez vs Nakatani RbR

    I liked Nakatani's jab a lot more that round.