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    Portland, Oregon

    Yeah man, don't usually get involved with this shit but my day to day hasn't changed much if any in the 20 years I've been an adult. I've certainly moved further left the older I get and there is no way in hell i vote for trump. He is the most devisive figure in perhaps the history of the...
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    What was the quantum leap in civilization?

    My initial thought. Way more recent than most of the other topics. If not that then ship building. Really anything that enhances trade, proper roads for example, the autobahn and interstate system in America are game changers. The ability to link regions quickly alows for the growth of...
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    What’s your favorite Ice cream

    My girlfriend is the same. They make stuff with coconut milk and almond milk that is pretty damn good. I'm going vanilla, only because of a turtle sundae. But alone probably mint chocolate chip or cherry chocolate chip
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    Huge Explosion in Beirut.

    Just read an article stating sodium nitrate was confiscated from a ship and had been stored there for a few weeks. Also fireworks stored nearby were the source of the initial smaller explosion. That's just all kinds of dumb. I do know of buildings designed to handle explosive material are...
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    Its always been about the car. I think the boats they are driving now are too stable. They are extremely difficult to drive but it doesn't come through to the viewer, they have so much shit to manage every lap though. They just aren't raw untamed beasts on edge, at least they don't appear...
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    Yeah. Why I don't watch much. I mean the lack of sound sucks but it isn't like f1 is good. Too bad because there is a ton of talent there too.
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    Watch indycar and gp2 if thats what you want. I haven't been able to watch gp2 since the network change over here but from what I hear its still great racing Indy is the same but the competition is on a higher level top to bottom. Actually formula e is really competitive as well. If you...
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    Wow. I have no idea. Hamilton maybe.
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    Management of tires and fuel have always been apart of the game. If you didnt give them a tire that fell off there would probably be less racing to be honest. Cars would get away and run their pace whatever that may be to the finish. The best races usually are a result of rain or a situation...
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    They were on those hard tires for a very long time due to the safety car timing. Silverstone isnt Barcelona hard on tires but it is a track with a lot of fast right handers so the loads through the tires are very high
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    Yeah. He ran the 500 a couple of years ago. Jenson button was set to run some races this year as well before the pandemic as well, but not any ovals. Alonso will be running the 500 again in a few weeks as well Max is taking a distant third in the championship. I know hes only 6 points behind...
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    I didnt see that coming to be honest but I still wouldnt have pitted. It's going to take some strange happenings for the bonus points to work for max so may as well not bother and see if hamiltons tires fail. I just figured with bottas gone lewis could take it down to half speed, but...
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    Last few laps. And some pretty big crashes. Honestly the racing has been quite good if you ignore Mercedes for quite some time now. I'd say it's better now that ferrari has cemented themselves firmly in the midfield. Every week those guys are racing hard. Next week has to be a guaranteed...
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    Is Dr. Pepper better than coke or Pepsi?

    I'm not Mexican. My soda intake is ridiculous. I put in extra miles on the bike as a sacrifice to the soda gods