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    The Football Thread

    Only option is to void it think. Might not get time finish season off without impacting future seasons.
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    Rate that girl: #1 Elizabeth Olsen

    Pic 1 good. 2 better. 3 face a shocker.
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    Trump 2020: The Joe E forever and Trump is still your President thread.

    Watches yesterday's press conference... wtf was that. Seemed more about praising business than anything else. And wtf Trump just ignores any difficult question.
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    Has the Coronavirus Affected You?

    When cafe by work yesterday. Normally at least 5-6 people. No-one. Service super quick :good
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    Coronavirus Outbreak [COVID-19]

    Those photos make me feel sick. Levels of fucked up
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    Formula 1 2020 Season (+ fantasy league)

    Mercedes domination to continue. Lewis, Bottas and Wolff sign on for next 2-3 years.
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    Honest question..what’s your dream job

    consultant who earns enough only work 1 or 2 days a week. tells people what the problems are, how to fix them then piss off.
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    50/50 relationships

    In an alright'ish flat. From what can tell she's skint always after paying her share.
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    50/50 relationships

    No mate they split all bills 50/50. Rent etc. That what I couldnt understand
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    50/50 relationships

    Fair enough as earning equal. Do you split house chores same?
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    Fury agrees Wilder bigger puncher than Mike Tyson ,Rocky Marciano

    Oliver McCall still not been knocked out? That's a good 50+ year old scalp
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    50/50 relationships

    They also brought their own drinks
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    50/50 relationships

    Missus mate goes 50/50 on everything with her fella. She's on shit minimum wage, zero hour contract and the bloke is on a salary. Was out the other night with them and thought did well as evening went on not ask wtf up with that. Is that typical nowadays, sound right to others?
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    Fury agrees Wilder bigger puncher than Mike Tyson ,Rocky Marciano

    Who knows. Foreman would be relevant name than Marciano