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  • Sup, Addie. Silly bastard, getting shitcanned at the other place. I hope you learned your lesson, heh-heh-heh...
    just got back from it again. i thought score was nice and fit well.. i liked that main tune that played through it. was nice to see Zimmer not attached for a change.

    cannot wait to see Director's Cut though :think.

    i really enjoyed it. going to see it again tomorrow.

    read lots of negative things about it after i watched it.. i think people must have been looking for something bad to complain about before they sat down. i really liked a few characters and was not confused by it like some people seemed to be. and i did not care much about every little thing not being explained. and it all looked great too.

    Arthur loved it. but Theron is in it so it started at 15/10 i think :lol:
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