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    Whyte vs Browne RbR & Spudwatch

    Chagaev was terrible at that point but Browne was a bit quicker and much more mobile in that fight
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    Whyte vs Browne RbR & Spudwatch

    This was not the same Browne physically that fought Chagaev. Older and apparently a change in as well. Tbf compared to is early boxing fights his skills have improved incredibly
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    How many in this forum are boxers.

    In the AIBA the limit is now 40 they raised it from 35 a while ago if it was recently and if you were over the limit only by a little bit. Don't they have a Masters division in Denmark?
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    Golovkin vs. Martirosyan Finalized For May 5 on HBO, StubHub

    I believe a ton of athletes are on PEDS and wouldn#t be shocked if canelo was but I kinda belive him. Kinda like the Lucas Browne situation. Do I honestly think browne is lean 250lbs and clean?....But I do believe he got fucked over in cehcnya. Similarly I believe tainted meat and supplements...
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    How can you hate on Wilder?

    Good footwork and defence? :lol: You can praise some thing about WIlder but not these
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    Joshua - Parker Training comparison

    I never looked at the punch stats but at least against Takam i remember him throwing a lot. He seems to fight differently depending on who he is fighting as well. But you're right I think against Ruiz and Hughie he was mostly throwing single punches. I wonder how he fights Joshua
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    Joshua - Parker Training comparison

    Takam fought both. He said Joshua hits harder and is stronger but Parker is quicker. Looks just like that in the video. Parker also works at a much higher pace both in fights and in training apparently whereas Joshua throws single shots or combinations and but with maximum power. Parker could...
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    Shooting at Florida School

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    Justin Trudeau: Worlds Biggest Twat?

    Not great but tbf Trudeau seems to have a decent chin and toughness he got caught by some big shots, stayed calm and kept pushing through.
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    Which movie sequels should have been made, but never were?

    That would have been amazing. it would still be amazing they really should do it now. Bloomkamp's Alien seemed amazign looking at the artwork. Prometheus was awesome though. And Bloomkamp's Alien was never meant to happen instead of Promethteus it was meant to happen after Covenant or instea...
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    Icelandic Parliament considering bill to make circumcision illegal, punishable by six years in jail.

    As it should be. If you want to have it done you can get it done when you are old enough to decide yourself. No one would argue tattoing or piercing a baby would be sane but somehow this is acceptable
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    Groves v Eubank Jnr RBR (RBR not included)

    Eubank is ok on the outside and great on the inside but he has no way of working his way inside. Against elite opponents who box him he is reduced to jumping and and using his athleticism to cover distance. If he ahd a way on consistently working his way to the inside he'd do great even at a...
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    If both fights pay the same I'd think Joyce would be better. Losing to a beginner like Joyce would be bad but so was Chisora's last loss. Joyce has raw talent but is incredibly inexperienced the Chisora form the Whyte fight would have a really good chance. Takam at his best does everything...
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    World Boxing Super Series

    Gassiev can punch very well while moving his feet. He can also cut off the ring. Biredis is a natural counterpuncher and has worse footwork and slower feet than gassiev yet he managed to pressure usyk effectively. He threw the finishing combo while moving his feet here He doesn't punch...
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    World Boxing Super Series

    Holy fuck that was brutal