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    CHB 'Let's Get Fit Again!' Challenge! - Choose your challenge

    I can probably make a go of the pull ups. The sit ups would be piss easy and my wrists won't let me do that many push ups. Too much wanking.
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    Haggis Homage

    Wait wait wait wait wait..... Who the FUCK is Keith? Is he in anyway related to Kevin?
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    Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Explains How To Pay For UBI

    Automation has already taken over large sections of the job market, it has for many years. The market has been able to adapt and stabilise over time. But, there will inevitably come a tipping point there the market can no longer compensate. This may be self driving cars, it might be general AI...
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    Insane SJW examples of bullshit "microaggressions"

    Time to pick a side I guess.
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    CHB 'Let's Get Fit Again!' Challenge! - Choose your challenge

    In general, people grossly underestimate how difficult pull ups are and grossly overestimate how many they can do and how good their form is.
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    Petty irritants in life that get you way more furious than is justified?

    mmmaaaatttteee, I work in primary schools and kids are fucking obsessed with doing Fortnite dances at every conceivable opportunity.
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    Do you dunk your penis?

    A quick dunk wouldn't get it cleaned up anyway. Need brillo pads and sugar soap personally.
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    Personal training / advice

    That's entirely possible. I've been on low(er) carbs the past few days. It's also hot and humid as fuck here at the minute, but this is something I've noticed pretty much forever. I can almost guage my fitness level by how much and how quickly I sweat.
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    Adulthood Starts at 30

    Can we stop people over 65 from voting as well?
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    What's the best Metallica album?

    I'm not a fan of Metallica. I have some of their early albums, they're good for in the gym. I never had any problems with black, they made a great rock album, and I think people were just sad that it wasn't the 80s any more.
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    Personal training / advice

    One thing I find inconvenient, and I wonder if I'm the only person this happens to, is that as I get fitter, I sweat a lot more and a lot quicker. My body just seems to know when I put training clothes on and I immediately start sweating. Or when I'm walking briskly at work my body thinks it...