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  • sailracing,...where art thou? C'mon,...this ain't funny no more...I'm worried now.
    Thank you my good friend!!:cheers I'm working as a security officer now...the work is easy, but it's the heat here...heat index of 100 degrees F the day before yesterday....but that's ok, you can't have it all your way, eh? I hope everything is going great for you as well!! When I get a day off, I'm going to post a classical vid as a surprise for you...I guess it'll be a surprise...that is in the sense that I don't believe that I've posted anything from this composer before..
    Thank you so much sailracing for your peerless taste in music in those two vids!!! Between my crazy new work schedule and dealing with insane posters in political threads, they come as an oasis of beauty and sanity for me!! I hope all is well with you as well sir!!
    Di Purwokerto pak (dengan O) Jawa Tengah pak, kurang lebih 4 jam perjalanan dari Yogyakarta. Kota kecil, tapi sangat nyaman dan penduduknya sangat ramah. Saya kerja di perbankan, sering ditugaskan di luar kota hahaha.

    Rencana natal ini pulang ke Jakarta, sudah 3 bulan belum pulang.
    Halo Pak, terima kasih untuk videonya :happy

    Masih di Indonesia pak? tinggal dimana sekarang?
    I live in Purwokerto since July, great city, definitely a nice change from the crowdedness of Jakarta

    Hope you are well.
    Have a nice day, and Godspeed.
    I sure appreciate those two selections you sent me my man! It gave me some much needed pleasure to hear them!!
    Your selections are always great, and that includes these two gems that you sent me sailracing!! I truly appreciate it...and as a matter of fact I'm listening to the Prelude and Fugue and the Chopin Scherzo this morning...
    How nice to tune in to these two selections on a quiet day like this, after an overly stressfull week. The purity of Bach and of course, the artistry of Chopin never fail to send me.
    I hope all is right and peaceful with you my friend...and thank you for your great contributions to the classical threads that we have here in the "wasteland" of CHB, haha. Your input balances everything out and more!
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