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    Top Live Albums

    Not a fan of live albums in general. Live music is about the experience otherwise you're just hearing inferior quality with crowd noise interupting
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    How do you rate George Washington as a military commander?

    I think he cut up the cherry tree before owning slaves or being on the back of a quarter
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    What animal is the sexiest?

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    Is COVID-19 A Natural event?

    Bill Gates has been planning this since he was a child. Step one was to develop a company that would allow him to have an electronic computer just about everywhere. Between computers, tablets, phones, Xboxes, etc. everything has Microsoft. Even Android phones tend to have some Microsoft apps on...
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    Corona crimes

    Friend of mine has a kid with Juvenile Miositis. He's been on the same meds for years. Aparantly Trump went on TV and told people those meds cure Corona so there's a huge shortage of them. The scripts are being written by dentists, GYN's, whatever. Basically anyone with the ability to write...
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    Will you complain when you and your families are living on the streets due to economy crash?

    If everyone is homeless then they won't be able to quarantine and in a year or 2 when we have another pandemic everyone dies. Demand for real estate crashes driving down the prices and I'm no longer homeless
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    Las Vegas Strip - Empty - as ONE LONE PROPHET ...........DRESSED IN SACKCLOTH ...........- Walks the Strip - Warning Jesus Christ is Soon Returning...

    Buddy of mine said he went to a drive through peep show last night. Hoes still gotta eat
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    Brady to the Fucking Bucs?

    You've never been to Tampa have you?
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    This Panic Buying Is Getting Out of Hand

    The toilet paper hoarding made no sense to me until I actually saw it first hand. Went to Walgreens and saw a woman fill up an entire cart. One look at her and it all made sense. It's dumb fucking losers doing this shit. No person with any brains thinks they need 10 years supply if tp
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    Millennials are calling Coronavirus "The Boomer Remover"

    Nah bruh. You're millennial as fuck. Go get a job and cut your hair
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    Millennials are calling Coronavirus "The Boomer Remover"

    If you were a teenager in the 90s you're a gen x, not a boomer.
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    Everyone wants Corona bailouts.......

    In 2008 TARP was released. The majority if not all companies that received hell through TARP received loans and yes there is a massive difference between a loan and a gift. And Jesus this guy is a dumb cunt that misrepresents shit. He's intentionally stopping the video at the best spot to try...
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    Millennials are calling Coronavirus "The Boomer Remover"

    I was gonna say muat be fake cause boomers can't possibly be outraged. Theyre the toughest most thick skinned cunts that ever inhabited this earth unlike all those snowflak millennials boomers don't get offended everyone knows that
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    Has the Coronavirus Affected You?

    I'll probably make more money in the next 2 months then I did all last year. Mortgage rates are so low the literally can't go any lower.
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    Congratulations Greta Thunberg,,,,,,,

    Sure. Anyone that normally complains that people are too sensitive and uses the term snowflake but then talks about hating and wanting harm to come to a 16 year old child because she said something they disagree with. I take great pleasure I'm seeing overly sensitive cunts like that get worked...