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    April 20 "Bumper Show" aka Cleverly vs Krasniqi

    This is probably the closest to a 50/50 fight you will ever see this day and age. Vazquez brilliant at what he does, and Burns brilliant at what he does. I slightly favour Ricky because of the speed and output, but if Vazquez can time him he'll be in for a rough ride
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    April 20 "Bumper Show" aka Cleverly vs Krasniqi

    But he's still ducking slick, cocky, black youngster Adrien Broner... Why would he fight a more established champion?? Disgraceful duck.
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    Who has the best footwork today?

    Pacquiao has sublime footwork, as he demonstrated against Marquez in the last few seconds on the 6th. Double feint a jab, step in, throw your head forward and.... Wake up 5 minutes later.
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    Froch vs Stevenson in the works for April/May

    See, that has to be bullshit. Froch doesn't bring 70% of the money.. England and Denmark are similar time zones, this would be PPV in Denmark. Kessler would make an absolute killing because he's a megastar. Froch is a relative nobody to the public. Eddie talks shit again. People will lap it up.
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    Rigondeaux Vs Kratingdaenggym: OFF due to Poonsawat being denied license

    Reckon Poonsawat will go mental and claim AIDS is a lie spread by the government?
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    Dodgy boxing opinions you hear on facebook or from your mates

    To be fair to Tommy Morrison, he'd knock the fuck out of Deontay Wilder, who is USAs current finest. He might have been confusing ATG with AIDS?
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    Tyson Fury loses it on twitter; says British title is "dog shit"

    This isn't Tyson Fury, I'm sure it's some other person who logs on to his twitter, he actually has a bit of intelligent banter in him and someone else is making him look a spastic.
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    The Eddie Hearn World title strategy

    Honestly think he trusts Frampton off the leash.. Brook was shown up by a domestic level American Welter.. He brought over Jones as a hand picked opponent and it almost backfired. Brook will be Hearn's Calzaghe.
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    Films that made you cry...

    I reckon you should all watch a Guillermo Del Toro film called the Orphanage, if you don't let out a bit of a tear at the end you are a heartless man.
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    Whisky (or whiskey) plus other spirits..

    I quite like my Laphroaig (sp) and there's an Islay Single Malt for about 20 quid in Morrisons, comes in a green and white tube, it's excellent stuff.
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    CHB Forum Gambling Challenge.

    Anyone fancy a dabble on horses, forecast Michaelangelo and Noble Mission, also double Michaelangelo and Chachimidee. 11/8 and 7/4 F. I've done a patent/treble of those 2 + Moriwaj
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    Can anyone help me track an ip address from twitter?

    Nah it's more someone saying that I'm shagging some bird I work with when I'm not and my mrs has seen it wanting to know what's going on. I'd love to know who it is so I can say my piece to them.
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    Can anyone help me track an ip address from twitter?

    Getting unnecessary shit on twitter from someone.. Need to find out who it is so my mrs doesn't cut my testicles off. I'd love it if someone knew how to do it.
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    Simpson vs Appleby II + The Return of Scott Harrison

    What a cunt Danny Dyer is.
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    The Check Hook Boxing Greatest Movies Of All Time List

    For me 1 True Romance 2 Total Recall 3 Snatch 4 Seven 5 American Beauty 6 Star Wars (first 3) 7 Manhunter 8 The Orphanage 9 Lock, Stock 10: Jacob's Ladder In no order.