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    Trump guilty of warcrimes ??

    I can't think of anything good to come out of holland other than the mighty Ajax of Amsterdam
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    Twat Of The Year

    Voted corbyn but it was close with and Gretna Perhaps hitting her parents with bricks would be a good idea
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    Meanwhile in mississippi

    The chap that shot the dog is a total wanker and deserves a kicking
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    Scots football from that far back not a strong pint of mine :lol:
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    Not a jock but goram was miles better than Leighton And if the gemmell you are referring to is Archie he wasn't a left back
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    Euromillions Jackpot = £125 million tonight

    Not sure what I'd do if I won that much apart from 3million to Alzheimer's research , 3 million to cancer research and 3 million to heart foundation.
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    RIP Abdul Qadir

    Remember watching him as a kid it was very exciting to watch him bowl as really there was just off spinners around at the time RIP to a great bowler
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    What happens first?

    I'd like us to leave and have the balls to say no deal is fine you get no money but as usual the liberal bloody wets are spineless
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    Eerie/creepy photos. **UPDATED** - Some more "last known photo of....."

    @Haggis great thread as I've said before must admit you at times get on my tits . Yes I'm not on here s lot now but you have brung this on yourself to a degree and no I'm not replying to you if you reply to this post . I would also like to add that this thread is so good that it should have...
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    What Are You Listening to CHB?

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    Eerie/creepy photos. **UPDATED** - Some more "last known photo of....."

    Glad to see this thread is being updated
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    Shearer | Owen

    Clearly shearer
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    James Corden

    Can't stand him he's a shit licking tosser
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    Anyone know what's up with SwollenGoat?

    Nice to see everyone getting along
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    The Most Satisfying Wins

    Yep definitely fury beating wlad and groves beating degale From when I was a kid minter winning stopping antuofermo