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  1. DobyZhee

    On a scale of 1-10, how offended do you get?

    Being on the boxing boards since 2004, I’ve noticed people who get offended easily. how offended do you get? 1 means not at all, 10 means you get highly offended. We all get offended at some things. Some are good at getting their buttons pushed rather easily. Some can’t take a really good...
  2. DobyZhee

    Who’s looking forward to the completion of Israel

    And the wiping out of Palestine... It was foretold in the Bible. you guys need to move out and let Israel do it’s thing so Jesus can come back and usher judgment. Thoughts?
  3. DobyZhee

    Happy MLK day..what did you do to celebrate our first US national holiday of the month

    The guy simply was a genius. He was murdered for having a dream. He died in the hometown that I was born in. today, I celebrated it by playing some golf and working on my driver game. there, I met a black fella by the name of Doc who is from a Chicago. We chatted about the importance of MLK...
  4. DobyZhee

    When Europe gets taken over by the Muslims...

    Will America help? I say no. History repeats itself and you guys take a hard fall.. it will happen in our liftime CHB.
  5. DobyZhee

    First off I’d like to apologize to Junior Soprano

    I made some comments in the past from a very long time ago that was childish and in the heat of the moment. I realize that I made those comments out of anger. i am trying to get his attention because I have brought this upon myself. it’s not that I made the comments but the fact that losing...
  6. DobyZhee

    Serving on Jury Duty..

    It is an American right and privilege to be judged by your peers in a court of las. It is in a court of law. Has anyone here ever served and what do you think about being serving? it is 40 dollars a day to serve here in Las Vegas. I have no problem serving as 12 Angry Men was shown to me in an...
  7. DobyZhee

    Junior Falsetto vs Doby X

    American style rules.. meet up at Swollen Goat’s house in a swamp. how do the participants get there. Doby: Using his mom’s credit card..flies into Miami International and heads west on a greyhound bus.. Junior Falsetto: Flies from Deutschland to his island in the Atlantic Ocean. Borrows...
  8. DobyZhee

    Ever rapeled or go rock climbing?

  9. DobyZhee

    Ever volunteered and handed out food to the needy?

    I have. It’s disgusting how people roll up in a Cadillac and get food for themselves. What good have you guys done u filthy degenerates. Let’s hear it CHB
  10. DobyZhee

    The eternal Dobyzhee thread..

    Ask me anything about that shit hole and I’ll be glad to answer it. I get attacked on a daily basis from that loserish group. First of all, I am a Troll. A god damn good one at that. If you can’t take my insults and are easily offended..chances are, you weren’t that strong in the first place...
  11. DobyZhee

    Rate my golf and dance skills

    Do I have what it takes to beat Tiger Woods AND Michael Jackson at the same time?
  12. DobyZhee

    Behold...the greatest Italian car ever!!!

  13. DobyZhee

    Is Disco underrated?

    Why does it get so much hate? I would like to hear some of your favorite groovy songs..
  14. DobyZhee

    Anybody watch Scrambled Spice Channel back in the day?

    When I was a kid I charged 5 bucks for porn. These days it’s free. I’m watching football and Our digital antenna starts going all scrambled spice channel. Awful times in the 80’s.
  15. DobyZhee

    Pic your favorite scene in a movie dialogue..

    And I will attempt to recreate it on stage..
  16. DobyZhee

    Boxing Memorobilia: what stuff do you guys own?

    or what stuff would you want?
  17. DobyZhee

    Dobyzhee let’s get him laid!! Express to Vegas

    Ok, Pacquiao Spence is gonna happen. Well, gentlemen. We will go down with this ship. Let’s meet in Las Vegas. Who’s in? Time for let all be all.
  18. DobyZhee

    Dobyzhee’s Vegas Thread

    Talk about anything Las Vegas. If you guys are in town, shoot me a message. I’ll bring Vegas to you guys. I realize that most will never come to the greatest city ever
  19. DobyZhee

    Wingmen (wing woman)that are married

    I have married friends who wanna see me get some action. What is your opinion of this? It’s cool, they know me as my real personality. And they are rooting for me. Good idea or bad idea? What are your experiences?
  20. DobyZhee

    The Wino Thread!!

    Anyone like wine or is that for women? Jesus hooked up the wine. You guys like this shit, yes or no?