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  1. turbotime

    Jim Carrey's New Series - "Kidding" Trailer Damn, I'm so hyped he is back! One of the GOATs.
  2. turbotime

    Pacquiao vs Whitaker - 135 lbs

    Honest opinions. Whitaker was so slick. Couldn't rattle a birdcage, Pacquiao very strong and had excellent power (and educated) in both hands.
  3. turbotime

    She waits for Me To Ride the Subway Together, she trying to fuck?

    I've known her for about two weeks and we rarely talk, but we've been roasting each other recently out of the blue and talking about cinema, theatre and just going out of the way to talk to each other. Now every night we work together, she is done a bit earlier than me and she always asks - "are...
  4. turbotime

    Miss Ariana Grande to Marry Pete Davidson!

    The much ballyhoo'd Grande is marrying one of the funniest men in the Biz.
  5. turbotime

    Does Anyone Use Tinder - Do you Get a Type?

    I've been absolutely crushing with Asian girls, literally every other match is an Asian girl. Just wondering if anyone else gets a type on Tinder?
  6. turbotime

    Childish Gambino - "This is America" Music Video

    How anyone can hate on this is insane.
  7. turbotime

    How Often Do You and Your Missus Go Out On Dates?

    Just wondering, I was talking to one of my friends and she was complaining how she never gets taken out by her husband. Never meaning it's been 2 months. In fairness, not going out in 2 months does seem like kind of a long time. Do you like to indulge weekly, monthly? Any rituals/traditions...
  8. turbotime

    No one is watching the NHL Playoffs?

    Bruins and Leafs are beating the shit out of each other right now.
  9. turbotime

    Anyone else watching HBO's 'Barry'

    Absolutely loving it so far.
  10. turbotime

    CELEBS with 10/10 Faces - Only Faces

    Faces only. If you don't post a pic, you're officially a sex offender -
  11. turbotime

    PEDs in Sports

    Where do you stand on this? With fights being cancelled, medals being taken away. Should fighters be able to take a reasonable amount? None at all? A cut off date? Should WADA rework their protocols?
  12. turbotime

    Brad Pitt Joins DiCaprio and Margot Robbie in Tarantino Film

    Brad Pitt is joining Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Manson movie, which will be titled “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Tarantino, who is writing and directing, describes the project as “a story that takes place in Los Angeles in 1969, at the height of hippy Hollywood...
  13. turbotime

    Rate This Year's Oscar Films

    Airs this Sunday :smoke Get Out - 7.5/10 Phantom Thread - 6/10 Shape of Water - 8/10 The Post - Not seen Call Me By Your Name - 6/10 Dunkirk - 7/10 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - 8/10 Darkest Hour - not seen Lady Bird - Saoirse Ronan Unbelievably bad year. When previous years gave...
  14. turbotime

    A Reliable Language APP?

    Has anyone ever used one, which one and how successful were you with it? Looking to try a few in my spare time.
  15. turbotime

    Elizabeth Zaks

    How would you react if you were her dad and this is how your daughter made her living.......Start 20 secs in.
  16. turbotime

    Dumbest Thing You've Read Here

    I was told my perception is also my reality. Yours?
  17. turbotime

    Top 10 Richest Actors Of All-Time Jerry Seinfeld (830 M) Shah Khan (600) Tom Cruise (480M) Tyler Perry (475) Johnny Depp (450) Jack Nicholson (400) Tom Hanks (390) Bill Cosby (380M) Clint Eastwood (370M) Adam Sandler (350 M) Mel Gibson WOULD be up there, he had around 900 Million but the...
  18. turbotime

    Is Messi the GOAT footballer?

    People were saying he was washed about a year ago.
  19. turbotime

    Sleeping With A Married Woman??

    You ok with it? Apparently I've been doing it for about a week unknowingly. Oh, she has a kid, and a fucking dog. I feel ill.
  20. turbotime

    McGregor and Mayweather Tested 16 Times Each

    Jeff Nowitzki, UFC anti-doping worker was just on Rogan's podcast and he almost found it ridiculous how much they were tested over the 8 week period. He said without doubt the cleanest athletes to test.