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  1. plankton

    CHB now gets blocked by my Bitdefender

    I get this now. Might be an certificate issue as mentioned in the quote
  2. plankton

    Shut up and take my money products

    Post If you seen some outrageously cool product you'd buy in a heartbeat if money wasn't a problem. I'll start
  3. plankton

    Biggest WTF moment of your life?

    Once during a house search the police found a pair panties in my military back pack and asked me about that. Not even nice or kinky panties, just large heavy duty white cotton ones. I was absolutely flabbergasted. Then I remembered lending that backpack to a girl I barely knew 5 years ago...
  4. plankton

    Norwegian attempt at Christchurch copycat attack No assault rifle for the shooter = Much better chances at overpowering the cunt. FACT!
  5. plankton

    Syn61 - the latest in synthetic biology
  6. plankton

    Westworld III

    Season 1 was really good Season 2 was really disappointing I hope season 3 will redeem the series
  7. plankton

    The Austrian 'Russian collusion' case

    I've only glanced at it so far but it is basically everything the Trump campaign has been accused of, except they have all the smoking guns in the Austrian case. I'll dig up the most interesting videos a bit later
  8. plankton

    Russian plane fire
  9. plankton

    They took his blood :rofl
  10. plankton

    Event Horizon Telescope

    Announcement about the imaging of a black hole in about 30 minutes from now Live stream: Site: Explanation:
  11. plankton

    The Twilight Zone is back!

  12. plankton

    Chinese military flag raising ceremonies

    The flag throwing move is cooler that then slow releasing of the flag, most other countries do... Let's steal it!
  13. plankton

    Alex Jones Sandy Hook Video Deposition

    Didn't watch it myself. Included the catchy folksy song instead of a TL;DR
  14. plankton

    The EU to end Daylight Saving Time

  15. plankton

    Ship in trouble

    Viking Sky with engine problems in high seas off the coast of Norway
  16. plankton

    I have a question

    Are humans just midget biclopses?
  17. plankton

    Bill and Ted 3: Face the music

  18. plankton

    Beto 2020 "Outed as Cult of Dead Cow member" That's a major fucking seal of approval in my book. Cult of the Dead Cow and Chaos Computer Club are childhood heroes of mine...
  19. plankton

    Space Herpes Dormant Herpes viruses seem to reactivate significantly more often during spaceflight. I can't imagine what a cesspool the International Space Station must be by now :pigg
  20. plankton

    Jack The Ripper identified