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  1. hellsbells

    What are your favourite funniest videos on YouTube?

  2. hellsbells

    African Cup Of Nations Who Are You Picking

    Why is this happening in the summer? In Egypt of all places? I bet the fucking Euro leagues contrived to get this moved which would be a cunt's trick.
  3. hellsbells

    How do you feel about the Mark Field incident?

    You can guarantee that if she actually looked like she was armed or in any way dangerous Mark Field would have shat his knickers and hidden under the table.
  4. hellsbells

    What is more embarassing?

    People focussing on him calling Charles the Prince of Whales are disregarding his point in the same tweet that he also met the Queen of England.
  5. hellsbells

    Boris Johnson & The Conservative Party...

    Boris Johnson's majority was halved at the last GE which was before he shat on his constituents and his promise about the Heathrow runway. This means there's a great chance he could become Prime Minister then lose his seat, which I'm sure we all agree would be hysterically funny.
  6. hellsbells

    What is more embarassing?

    The Prince of Whales prepares to welcome the US President
  7. hellsbells

    What is more embarassing?

    The British public aren't allowing anything, the fat cunt is going to be voted in by a handful of elderly cretins from the Home Counties while the Americans actively chose Trump. If there was a GE and the Tories won a majority it would be a different matter.
  8. hellsbells

    Ketchup on a hot dog?

    A burger is some formed mince in a bun. Maybe it's decent quality mince, maybe it's shit quality, but paying actual restaurant prices for mince in a bun is the sign of a damaged mind.
  9. hellsbells

    Robert Pattinson Confirmed as the Next Batman

    I'd be pleased if there weren't any more Batman films for quite a long time.
  10. hellsbells

    Theresa May to resign?

    She's going nowhere, the iron-chinned witch.
  11. hellsbells


    The Spanish elections have gone well tonight.
  12. hellsbells

    The Football Thread

    If I was that beardy Wolves coach and saw the battle to not finish top 4 I'd be seething. They've beaten most of the good sides but lost to Burnley, Huddersfield, Palace and Southampton who are four of the shittest outfits in the league and those 12 points would have put them bang in the running.
  13. hellsbells

    Strike is a GENIUS - I should have listened to the Manchester Native from Day 1 and it would have saved so much grief and self torture and energy.....

    The new year's eve one from years ago was gold. I still go back and read it every so often just to remind myself of a time when Flint made something people actually liked.
  14. hellsbells

    Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott excruciating interview

    No it isn't. TfL have a regulation against it which their staff can enforce and if someone refuses to stop drinking it becomes a public order offence which BTP can act on but there's no It is Illegal to Drink on the Train in London Act 2019.
  15. hellsbells

    Nigel Farage & The Brexit Party...

    Surprised but impressed to see she survived getting pushed through the Moon Door by Littlefinger.
  16. hellsbells

    Trailer - Star Wars 9 The Rise Of Skywalker

    I thought Force Awakens was shite and haven't seen TLJ, the one everyone hated, but Rogue One was fucking great btw.
  17. hellsbells

    Trailer - Star Wars 9 The Rise Of Skywalker

    Prequels: It was Palpatine all along Original films: It was Palpatine all along New films: It was Emo Darth Vader and giant wrinkly Gollum This film: lol j/k it was still Palpatine all along.
  18. hellsbells

    The Radio Times' Top 20 British Sitcoms

    Yeah that's a good example, although TYO never really went out of it's way to be controversial.
  19. hellsbells

    Official CHB Gaming Thread

    Why would anyone remaster a game as shit as AC3?