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    anthony joshua operation

    he said he needed an operation after first ruiz fight.....wonder what it lot know everything, you'll tell me..

    canelo v ggg 2 radio commentary

    could any friendly type on here link me to a recording of the 5live radio commentary of this fight. i heard a clip, enough to make me curious enough to hear it all.

    £2.5m jackpot winner Edward Putman charged with alleged Lottery fraud

    anyone know anything about this case ? years later..and ticket lost so cannot be used as evidence...hows a case against him being made now ?

    the cook report

    anyone remember the cook report on itv ? roger cook...investigative reporter....used to stalk likes of bank robbers in the costa del sol in the 80s...ronnie knight etc. seen a clip recently reminded me of him.....he would regularly get punched in the mouth and made it a must watch at the time.

    al jezeera news

    any opinions on it here ? find myself more and more going to the news channels and spending a minute or two on sky news or bbc news...and half an hour engrossed in al jezeera news.

    mobile telecommunication devices

    (thats mobile phones to you @Trail :) ) what have you got ?...whats good or bad about it.

    Dmitry Pirog

    its an old question....but i'm bored would the amazing Dmitry Pirog, if healthy and injury free, have bested GGG ? .

    spike o'sullivan and the could-have-been GGG fight

    or according to him could have been. whats your opinions on him saying he was offered the fight and then refusing it when the money was halved (again, according to him) ? here we have one of the few true undisputed genuine world champions of this era (in GGG), in what historically has been one...

    champions in non-title fights or exhibitions

    in times past it was commonplace for a champion to have stay busy non-title fights between title defences....and also champions boxing in exhibitions. why is that not a thing any more ? i can only presume its for fear of picking up cuts before a defence of a title.

    dempsey sitting on title for 3 years

    let me have your opinions on jack dempsey not defending his title for 3 years.

    folding bikes

    if i get a brutally honest answer on anything, it'll be here. thinking about getting a bike...maybe a few hundred euros...nothing fancy needed, just casual riding out and about. theres a raleigh folding bike thats really caught my attention and i love the idea of it...but i'm guessing the...

    "scantily clad" woman rides horse on packed night club dance floor

    sunday morning chat in a stable...."such a night out i had last night lads..."

    quigg weighs in over limit

    seemingly wbo declare a vacant title if he beats valdez. if its a non title fight now...why strip valdez for losing it ?


    is it me, or do boxrec records not show location of fights any more ?

    help me find my perfect phone

    got an s8+ before the summer.....good phone, waterproof, good battery....but i'm not taking to it at all...hate the tall 18:9 aspect ratio and the on screen navigation keys. so...i'll ask you lot what phone should i look lot know everything. need a big screen....5.5"...better 5.7" or...

    24 hours in police custody - channel 4

    did anyone see this tonight ? dont see any forums posting about it. it was the story of this... lad is in a hotel lobby, grabs a fire extingusher, follows a man into a lift and beats him to near death...

    john dillinger

    was it him who got shot and killed by the fbi ?

    ron mcintosh

    i've never had a lot to say good about him....but hes surprised me here....his blow by blow commentary, which i am listening to here now, on bbc radio 5 last night....was actually really good. horses for courses i suppose. this is where he is suited to best, radio blow by blow.

    jahmaine smyle v daryl williams

    only catching up on this one now. what a great spectacle. always said theres some great fights and talent below british title level (although williams is aiming higher it seems). smyle is a great example of some of the underrated talent at the level hes operating at...around and a shade above...

    folding bikes

    would you ride one on a weekly basis...or do they look daft ?