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  1. PivotPunch

    Wow James Kirkland sounds bad

    Just looking what Kirkland was up to and watching interviews from before the Cotto fight. Thank fuck it never happened. Kirkland always talked a bit slow naturally but here he sounds completely different even compared to the interviews form before the Canelo fight. This is awful this guy...
  2. PivotPunch

    Blade Runner 2049

    Not sure if there's already a thread but the first full trailer is out. The cast is incredible Gosling fits into this world, Jared Leto does as well and for all the shit he gets for Suicide Squad he is a great actor (and his performance wasn't the issue in that movie), Harrison Ford is...
  3. PivotPunch

    Oh no that fight actually happened..... (Ruenrong)

    Ruenrong was supposed to fight up and coming kickboxing prospect Tenshin Nasukawa in a kickboxing fight. well Ruenrong was a MT fighters before he was a boxer. And obviously he is past his best and lost his last boxing fight via ko. So I thought it actually never materialized as a fight. I was...
  4. PivotPunch

    Playing Windows games on Mac

    So apparently you can do it with that programm Playonmac as I'm too dumb and cheap to insteall bootcamp but can anyone explain step for step how to exactly do I'm too dumb. I have the games legally so that isn't the issue so how do i install it if I have the cd? And how do i run games through...
  5. PivotPunch

    Canelo's Power

    I don't disagree golovkin is an average sized MW his height is average and his weight is average at best his frame is bigger than Lara's or Canelo's but yeah he isnt big weight wise. Which makes his pwoer even more impressive, Canelo ahs huge power but also a big weight advantage or even at MW I...
  6. PivotPunch

    Jamie Foxx details opening scene to Mike Tyson Movie

    Anyone who doubts Foxx is the right actor watch this shit everyone who wanted a different actor because Foxx doesn't have enough muscles to get them off should dig a hole and bury themselves. The film will be absolutely fantastic it has the 100% perfect actor for the role and a great director...
  7. PivotPunch

    I wouldn't even think of becoming a Muslim

    Bernard Black *not joining any other religion either tbf they are all shit
  8. PivotPunch

    The Official, Identify The Specific Ingredient In A Random Sandwich Thread AKA CHEESE THREAD!

    I thought there was one but I couldn't find it it was probably back at ESB. Does anone know what cheese this could be or if you don't or it's just some cheap whatever cheese what cheese could be similar after heating it. I basically wanna recreate this. Could Gouda come close?
  9. PivotPunch

    Can anyone tell me how Glazkov won the fight?

    I was seeing Cunningham landing body shots and jabbing the shit out of Glazkov who got like 1 flurry in each round and looked like he might die against Wladimir. Glazkov had some good rounds later on but the scores were ricidulous. I thought if they rob Cunningham they would at least make it a...
  10. PivotPunch

    The WBC plans random drug testing for their champs

    Anyone who is aware of what si going on in MMA at the moment will probably welcome this because I'll just assume that boxing isn't that much different from MMA in terms of doping. Many me included always said that probably a lot if not the majority of high level guys are on steroids and that...
  11. PivotPunch

    The Mike Perez hype thread

    I was devastated when Jennings and Perez had to fight I'm a fanboy of both but now in addition to Jennings getting the fight with Wlad Perez gets a new chance against Povetkin. Now with Robert Garcia it's Perez' time to shine :deal Yesterday he had his first fight since fighting Jennings...
  12. PivotPunch

    Povetkin vs Perez in works I'm happy that Perez gets another shot the winner is mandatory for the WBC. I expect Povetkin to win possibly via stoppage but I would be excited to finally see Perez not underperform. With Jennings most likely...
  13. PivotPunch

    The Official Antonio Tarver Heavyweight Hype Train

    I can egt behind it I don't know why but I wanna see Tarver have success at HW. He was a really good LHW, carried his power up to HW and is possibly one of the most technical boxers in the higher weight classes today. His jab is incredible. He's old as fuck, fat, has had a long career and...
  14. PivotPunch

    Damn if Tarver was younger

    yes Banks isn't really a commited fighter anymore but no one ever did that to him and Tarver looked spectacular consideirng he's 46 and fighting at HW. He carried his power up to HW, his cardio seems ok for his age and weight and he has maybe one of the best jabs in boxing today. His jab was...
  15. PivotPunch

    Friends bought me a heavybag....

    and it's a pain in the ass to built to thing not the bag but the bag stand. My shoulder is still a bit fucked up so it's frustrating anyway but how the fuck is a lazy middle class kid like me supposed to built this shit
  16. PivotPunch

    Klitschko vs Jennings buildup and discussion and everything thread

    Now you can argue whetehr someone with jennings' chances deserves his own thread but I find the fight a bit interesting. Jennings is a really really good athlete one of the best in HW at the moment and the best athlete Wlad has fought since Haye. He started boxing in his 20s and had only about...
  17. PivotPunch

    Glen Johnson is still fighting?

    :patsch he's preparing to fight some undefeated Danish prospect How many times was he supposed to retire in his last fights? i think after each fight he either siad he would retire or fans wanted him to retire and egtting stopped for only the second time in his career against Makabu should have...
  18. PivotPunch

    The greatest HW fight of the century.........Ustinov vs Kimbo Slice

    I shit you not
  19. PivotPunch

    Luis Ortiz tests positive

    ok apparently there is already a thread so someone please delete this
  20. PivotPunch

    What's next for Steve Cunningham?

    3 days ago he fought Natsu Visinia. never seen Visinia fight before but well he's big to say at least and had seemed very strong and powerful. Not a super skileld opponent but for a stay busy fight which Cunningham hismelf admitted it was it was a good fight. For him it's all about the money at...