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  1. Benny Blanco

    Dillian Whyte’s reputation

    According to @Pedderrs in the ‘Chisora chances’ thread Dillian Whytes reputation is no further forward after Saturday night because he ‘struggled’ against Dereck and was down by one point on 2 of the 3 scorecards (and winning on the other) in his opinion because Whyte was expected to win...
  2. Benny Blanco

    Halloween 2018

    Anyone seen it? Trailer looks dope. Reviews are great as well Apparently you see Michael Myers face in it
  3. Benny Blanco

    The classic British comedy scenes thread

    Post a hilarious scene from any British comedy I’ll start
  4. Benny Blanco

    MMA The official CHB MMA thread

    The big fight is going down in Vegas in a week and a half, fair to say next week is going to be pretty mental. When it was first being discussed as a possibility everyone seemed to be sure Khabib would beat him but its done a little bit of a turnaround and seems to be more for Mcgregor now...
  5. Benny Blanco

    Give a Donkey a carrot

    Looks like Del Boy-Dillian II is in the works for December 22nd. The rematch to a genuine domestic classic with two fucking nutters who don't like each other (or are very good at pretending they don't) Let's remind ourselves of the antics leading up to the first fight, and the fight itself, then...
  6. Benny Blanco

    Usain Bolt

    Was Usain Bolt a doper? I’ve never really read into it as I don’t want to find out he was but I know there was a guy, think it may have been Victor Conte on JRE who was adamant he was.... Has anyone read into this & can shed any light? I’d be gutted if he was.
  7. Benny Blanco

    Only Fools and Horses

    Anyone else absolutely love Only Fools? I’ve been watching it loads lately as I’ve got the entire series recorded and all the specials. It’s aged so well it seems to get funnier and funnier. The first few series are good but I think it starts to pick up as Uncle Albert comes in and Del becomes a...
  8. Benny Blanco

    Billy Joe Saunders charged with misconduct

  9. Benny Blanco

    How did YOU score the fight?

    Haven't seen the fight yet, will try and catch it later if I can and I'll add my thoughts. Anyway, done the rounds on Social media this morning and I would say it's about 80/20 in favour of Golovkin, so i'm curious to see how CHB had it. So let's hear ya.
  10. Benny Blanco

    Canelo GGG 2

    Does anyone else not give a fuck about this fight or is just me? Not that it isn't a great fight but Canelo is a proven cheating cunt and his cross dressing cokehead promoter is the hispanic Don King Few points I'd like to make 1. Golovkin won the first fight, clearly. There's no need for a...
  11. Benny Blanco

    Training Videos

    OK, so for those not familiar with my story, basically I wanted to take up Boxing full time about 7 years ago roughly but had a freak accident in the gym not long after and fractured my spine, I was partially paralysed down my left arm for about 2 years so I thought fuck it, I'll take up Thai...
  12. Benny Blanco

    Is this the most violent conclusion to a fight ever?

    We just got talking in the MMA thread and this got brought up, I still remember watching this live and feeling a bit physically disturbed at seeing somebody just get assaulted like that. Imagine it, spinning heel kick to your jaw, you hit the deck, totally out of it, then a 220lb juiced up...
  13. Benny Blanco

    3 People to back you up

    Bored as fuck this morning let's have a daft laugh. Say you're in a 'no joke' street fight scenario, 10 on 4. You've got the choice of any 3 people ever in their prime to back you up, no weapons, no rules. Who do you choose? For me Lee Murray, Mike Tyson, Fedor Emelianenko. (Assuming Nuff...
  14. Benny Blanco


    Sat watching this fight this morning as I'm waiting to be picked up for the gym and just literally shaking my head in disbelief at the punishment these two cunts gave out to each other and stayed standing. I'm aware it's known and recognised as a great fight, but it deserves more credit than it...
  15. Benny Blanco

    Dillian Whyte iFL thread

    The most captivating, interesting and honest person they interview regularly so fuck it I’m making a thread for it, I’ll update on each new video Great interview with Femi X’s arch nemesis today as usual
  16. Benny Blanco

    Dillian Whyte Vs Tony Bellew

    This fight doesn't make any sense, other than financial sense. Which is clearly all that matters nowadays. I don't think Bellew or Whyte really have each other in their sights but it's one of the more likely PPV fights they could both take part in, and both I'm sure feel like it's a winnable...
  17. Benny Blanco

    Tony Bellew

    I pride myself on being fair, and fair play to Tony he won fair and square tonight. Never want to see David Haye In a boxing ring again. Respect Tony Bellew
  18. Benny Blanco

    Haye vs Bellew - Who do you WANT to win?

    A few people have noticed and commented that the tide of public opinion seems to have shifted towards Haye this time around. Seems like Bellew has overdone his Bellew act and Haye has played it cool, I actually think Bellew has come off as a bit of a bully this time around. Anyway fuck it, who...
  19. Benny Blanco

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez or Thierry Henry?

    I'm back at work and bored so fuck it, let's entertain ourselves with utterly pointless and meaningless Football conversations like we like to do. Said this in the Footy thread but these are clearly the best 3 players that have ever played in the Premier League for me personally Quite simply...
  20. Benny Blanco

    Football Italia : The Story

    Half 10 tonight on BT sport, Heard it’s a cracking documentary, deserves it’s own thread The story of the GOAT Footy show Share your memories of Saturday mornings