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  1. hellsbells

    Nerds create algorithm to write new Harry Potter chapter. Goes well.

    So some computer types have designed a predictive keyboard algorithm that, after a primer of all the books, has come up with a title and sample chapter based on the style of the original. Have a look and see what you think of 'Harry Potter and the portrait of what looks like a large pile of ash'...
  2. hellsbells

    Is Boris Johnson a time-travelling transvestite?

    From 1896 From just now
  3. hellsbells

    Robert Vaughan has died

    RIP to the Man from UNCLE
  4. hellsbells

    Posting in black on a black background

    Hello. Well done fixing whatever it was needed fixing. I'm looking at this in black and gold (natch) and the posting window is black as is the text, meaning that I have to stare at the screen to read this rubbish and it's not ideal. I assume all the mods & techs are looking at this in white so...
  5. hellsbells

    The official CHB 'Video of some bloke playing the trumpet' megathread
  6. hellsbells

    Jail for Middlesbrough pube fraud

    Do you know this guy Peter? A NORTH-East man who sprinkled his own pubic hair over a half eaten curry in an attempt to not pay for it has been jailed. Lee Tyers was caught on camera adding the extra ingredient to his meal before complaining to staff about the hairs. The...
  7. hellsbells

    Eubank v Benn I - full video

    Just in case anyone fancies seeing a big grudge match between two British boxers who are actually worthy of the hype rather than those two jokers tonight. Enjoy! Also I'd forgotten what a cunt Gary Newbon always was.