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  1. paloalto00

    Maxim Dadeshev dies at 28. :sad fucking hell, we forget how dangerous this sport is
  2. paloalto00

    Any of you cunts live near Detroit? I need a good strength and conditioning coach

    So lads, I'm going to be in Detroit for 3 months on a contract. I'm looking to get back into shape while I'm here, I know there are plenty of boxing and MMA gyms here but I'm needing to get back to lifting as well. If any of you lads live nearby, give me a shout and I'll buy you a pint
  3. paloalto00

    rau'shee warren vs zhanat zhakiyanov. Good fight that went under the radar.

    I've followed Warren since the amateurs, he's always been a pitbull, and THAT guy at tournaments. I've seen him marginally outpointed before, but NEVER outgunned. Kinda sloppy fight, but full of fireworks...
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    Fragrance thread

    I just got into purchasing some better quality fragrances, and I gotta say it's a game changer with both your confidence and women but still a newbie on the good stuff. Post up your favorite bottles of juice So far I have Dylan Blue Fragrance enthusiasts hate it, but it smells damn good to...
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    I'm going to be in Europe next month cunts

    I'll be flying to London July 7th then to Paris, and Amsterdam. I know most of you twats live across the lake, so let's have a pint and do some blow
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    Just lost my job, make me feel better

    So after fighting tooth and nail, I was finally allowed to use some of my vacation time. Well after my vacation started, my employer notifies me that my State Medical License is now expired. This is ultimately my responsibility, but we give our employer our licenses to avoid this kinda thing...
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    What are your recommendations for vacationing alone?

    Alright cunts, I have 183 hours of PTO to burn and I'm looking to travel outside the U.S. I originally booked one of those expensive group trips to Europe, but they didn't have room. I'm itching for beaches anyway. I already went to Puerto Rico, and looking for something different, preferably a...
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    God fucking damn it.

    So I'm picking up food and hear some rubbing when turning the wheel, I stop and see if anything was caught on the fender or something; but everything was good. Anyway, so as I'm making a regular ass left hand wheel decides it wants to run off on me. I'm already in a lawsuit with the...
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    Bernard Hopkins "Roy Jones was one dimensional"

    He's off his fucking rocker. I knew he rambled like an old man, but fuck it's real bad now. Instead of being punch drunk, he ended up annoying
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    Is it worth it to go to Europe in January

    Alright bitches, here's the deal. We're undermanned (as usual) and I only have a small window they'll allow me to finally use my PTO (36 hours is the max). I'm looking at a trip to Amsterdam, Paris, London on one of these group sites...
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    I'm at the club with Kirkland...

    In bum fuck nowhere Killeen. He might be fighting Cotto
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    I just finished rubbing one out at work

    That's it, just wanted to let you guys know
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    Sambo is what MMA is trying to be

    The idea of MMA is great, being a practice in multiple arts....unfortunately it just looks like a drunk bar fight That's until I ran into these Sambo videos. Good stand up, good takedowns, just the fluidity in the technique is appealing. This is what MMA was supposed to look like, but they...
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    Thanks for the memories

    I can't watch this video without tearing up
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    Anyone work overseas as a contractor? I need help getting in

    My uncle just came back from Kuwait with a pocket full of tax free cash. I'm in weird place in life and I wouldn't mind getting away and making some serious cash in the process. He works as a mechanic, so he has no clue on how to find me a medical job out there. I work as a CT Tech, so if...
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    Any of you have access to Manheim auction information?

    As some of you know, I'm into cars. When I purchased my Z06 I found out you can indeed make money driving sports cars. I'm about 6 months into my current vehicle, and it's time to jump into something else. If you're wondering what Manheim is, it's both an auction and online directory that...
  17. paloalto00

    The Miracle Man Documentary (Danny Jacobs)

    Definitely worth the watch, I followed Danny since the amateurs. In a strange way, I would say the cancer has helped his career. He always tended to be a bit cocky, and this seemed to bring him back to Earth
  18. paloalto00

    Any good boxing gyms in Dallas, TX?

    Boxed a bit when I was 18, got quite decent but life happened. Now I have the timing of a 2 year old and have gone to an orthodox stance. (I was boxing southpaw as a right hander) I'm looking for a gym that'll actually teach me to box, rather than throwing me in the ring to scrap it out
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    Wanting to purchase a Franchise, help me cunts

    Here's the scoop, I'm looking into purchasing a Title Boxing Club Franchise. I looked at cheaper avenues such as, Maidpro and Mosquitosquad..but that's not exactly something I'd be proud to own. Anyways, I spoke to owners in the area and they were interested in partnering with me with their new...
  20. paloalto00

    Anyone else listen to Tommy Sotomayor?

    His videos hit close to home, I'm in the middle of a divorce and of course will be hit with a huge child support bill. Some of his views are a bit extreme, but on the actual subject material he's pretty spot on.