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  1. Claypole

    Claypole "Ferrero Roche Fine Hazelnut Chocolate"" Thread

    Flint, you’re still on ignore. The only way I even knew this thread existed is because I got tagged. I’m not even going to temporarily un-ignore you in order to read all of this thread.
  2. Claypole

    Top Boy (netflix)

    For that are confused, the newest series, simply called “Top Boy” is a continuation from the two series of “Top Boy: Summerhouse”. What makes it all confusing isn’t just that fact that the newest series has a different name, it’s that “Top Boy: Summerhouse”was previously just called “Top Boy”...
  3. Claypole

    “New” Muhammad Ali interview...

    I was speaking with a friend today who’s father was a sports journalist back in the 70’s. He was lucky enough to get an interview with Muhammad Ali, and it was recorded, on audio tape only. She found the tape recording, got it transferred to digital format and uploaded it to YouTube...
  4. Claypole

    CONSPIRACY THEORY: Moon Landings...

    The technology that took them to the moon has long since been superceded. We have a space station in permanent orbit around earth, with people living on it, and we have landed unmanned missions on Mars. We also have Voyager 1, still working correctly and still sending data back to Earth...
  5. Claypole

    Conor McGregor probably does punch old man at the pub

    It wasn't a bar fight, though, the guy was just sat there trying to mind his own business. He wasn't moving his head around, he was quite still. McGregor had a bit of a think about things before deciding to throw the punch. A pro fighter should have no trouble sparking out a random bloke sat...
  6. Claypole

    Conor McGregor probably does punch old man at the pub

    Imagine if that was Scott Harrison, the old man would have been hospitalised, the pub would have emptied in about 10 seconds, and it would have taken 10 policemen to take him into custody. McGregor is a bit shit as a trouble maker.
  7. Claypole

    Billy Joe Saunders (WBO) vs. Chris Eubank Jr (IBO) II

    I find Jr's attitude a bit disappointing towards BJS and PEDs. He's perfectly within his rights to call BJS a drug cheat, in fact fair play to him. However, to then go on to say you want the fight stinks of hypocrisy to me. I thought Jr might have told BJS he was a drugs cheat, and that he...
  8. Claypole

    Commonly accepted folk wisdom that you think is bullshit. What are some examples?

    “If you wear your coat indoors, you won’t feel the benefit of it when you go outside” Rubbish, wearing the coat indoors will make you feel extra warm, so when you go outside into the cold, you’ll be nice and warm to start with, and the coat will continue to provide insulation, keeping that...
  9. Claypole

    Commonly accepted folk wisdom that you think is bullshit. What are some examples?

    Popular folk “wisdom” I often hear is the phrase “What goes around, comes around”, also mistakenly interpreted as “Karma”. Thie idea is simple, that if people do bad things, then bad things will happen to them. People say it when other people do bad things to them, and it makes them feel...
  10. Claypole

    Claypole has promised to BLOCK ME- after over a Decade of Being Top Mates On the Internet Boxing Forums....Our Friendship is Officially Over and Done

    Flint, I’ve had you on ignore for ages. I only occasionally un block you, but it never lasts long due to the crap you post.
  11. Claypole

    Petty irritants in life that get you way more furious than is justified?

    The guy was a stupid cunt, as well as a time waster for driving all that way, with the sole intention of not paying the agreed price.
  12. Claypole

    Claypoles Corner Shop Business

    Flint, you’re going back on ignore.
  13. Claypole

    Anthony Yardes Trainer ?????????????????????????????????????

    When Yarde turned pro and was knocking people out, there was a bit of a buzz about him, and it remindsd me of when Nigel Benn turned pro. However, Yarde doesn't seem to have improved much, and he might even be a bit worse in some areas, which is a shame because he does seem to have genuine...
  14. Claypole

    CONSPIRACY THEORY: Moon Landings...

    Have all the deniers actually got on board with the idea that if they faked the moon landings, then they carried off the same incredible, outrageous hoax ever carried out not once, or twice, but six times. That's just the manned missions that landed on the moon. I've just had a quick look at...
  15. Claypole

    CONSPIRACY THEORY: Moon Landings...

    Still no evidence forthcoming? Come on guys, the internet is full of evidence, theories and reasons why they never went to the moon, nobody fancy regurgitating them on here?
  16. Claypole

    Public Challenge To ......................@Claypole...................Based on Your Mentality About The Past .............Which One You Choose ???????

    Flint, if you knew my mentality on the past, you would realise the question isn’t even valid for me.
  17. Claypole

    The Events of the Last Few Days and Weeks and Months and Years and Decades..........................................

    Sorry Flint, but they are changeable. I thought I acted unreasonably towards somebody the other day. I have now changed my mind, and I was fine towards them. The past is only in your head, so if you want to change the past, feel free to do so.
  18. Claypole

    What’s Done has Been Done.........For The Sake Of Sanity............It’s Time To Move On

    Yeah, you could do that Flint, or maybe just carry on positing the same stuff you’ve been posting on Internet forums for the past 12 years or so.