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  1. rjjfan

    Roger Mayweather vs Sweet pea Whitaker

    Unca Roga (RIP) vs the Sweet pea
  2. rjjfan

    Hotboxing with Iron Mike: Michael Buffer

    Really great boxing history vid for boxing fans:
  3. rjjfan

    China Sends Scientists and 30 Tonnes of Equipment to Italy

    A planeful of Chinese COVID-19 experts and 30 tons of medical supplies has arrived in Italy Tod Perry 03.13.20 via China Daily / Twitter A Chinese Red Cross plane filled with 30 tons of medical equipment and nine medical staff with experience battling the disease arrived in Italy today. The...
  4. rjjfan

    My East Asian Bruvs, Treated any differently these days?

    To me East Asian Oriental bruvs, have you noticed any difference in how strangers treat you? I noticed I get the seat all to myself in the tube which is grand since i can cough my lungs out in peace.
  5. rjjfan

    Has the Coronavirus Affected You?

    I stopped going to various meetups and am training at home but I still make the weekly trip to get my Muay Thai fix so I don't go insane. The missus has done the same since her health is not the best and is working from home 3 days of the week. I hope they get the vaccine soon, I'm slowly...
  6. rjjfan

    Andy Ruiz fires trainer

    Andy Ruiz, Manny Robles Part Ways - Trainer is Not Surprised By Boxing Clever Published On Thu Jan 23, 2020, 04:36 AM EST Former WBO, IBO, WBA, IBF heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz has parted ways with head trainer Manny Robles. Robles led Ruiz to one of the biggest upsets in the history of the...
  7. rjjfan

    Canelo vs Billy Joe Saunders gets green light for May 2

    Canelo vs Billy Joe Saunders gets green light for May 2 in Las Vegas Phil Jay 21. 1. 2020 Amanda Westcott World Boxing News understands Canelo Alvarez has green-lighted Billy Joe Saunders as his next opponent for Cinco de Mayo weekend in Las Vegas. Scheduled to return on May 2, the...
  8. rjjfan

    Pro Boxer in BKB

    Interesting show of how a former B+ level pro boxer would do in the rough and tumble world of bare knuckle. Dat Nguyen is 20-3 in boxing and most notably lost to Jayson Velez on a SD.
  9. rjjfan

    Prime Hamed at 118-126 Today?

    How do you see him doing against the likes of Nery, Casimero, Inoue, Donaire, Rigo, Navarette, Russell, LSC, Warrington, Shakur? I see Hamed having problems against good technical fighters like Rigo, Russell and Shakur. He'll have his way against the rest.
  10. rjjfan

    Defeated - Boxing Journeymen Documentary

    Revealing doco on the journeymen who helps pad the record. Interesting insight: if they win too often, they get less offers.
  11. rjjfan

    Prime Cotto at 147 today

    How do you see prime Cotto doing today at 147-154?
  12. rjjfan

    Anglo-Saxon is Racist Academics Are At War Over Racist Roots of ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Studies Erika Harlitz-Kern,The Daily Beast 14 hours ago In September 2019, at the 19th biennial meeting of the small, prestigious professional organization called...
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    Wilfredo benitez today

    Unbelievably sad.
  14. rjjfan

    Olde English

    Sounds like German with a dash of Welsh.
  15. rjjfan

    Judge recognizes Inmate

  16. rjjfan

    Deer 1, Hunter 0

    Hunter dies after deer he was hunting recovers from gunshot and attacks October 24, 2019, 9:31 AM PDT Arkansas hunter Thomas Alexander is believed to have been killed by the very deer he was hunting. Officials with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission suspect that after being shot, the animal...
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    JCC Jr training for Jacobs

  18. rjjfan

    Terminally ill Scientist looks to be World's first Cyborg

    Terminally-ill roboticist on his way to becoming the world's first full cyborg Scott-Morgan has announced the end of 'Peter 1.0' and the start of his life as a cyborg. An American scientist battling a muscle-wasting disease has announced that he is in-transition to become "the world's first...
  19. rjjfan

    Study better with Kindle or Actual Books?

    Maybe I'm an old fashioned cunt but when it comes to studying or reading, I can't seem to get used to Kindle or something online. I still order the yearly tax manuals in paper which costs me extra $$ but I can't be bothered reading a PDF. How about you fellas?