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  1. Roe

    Merry Christmas CHB

    Hello all, Naturally I haven't been around these parts lately since I got kicked out and left on the mean streets to fend for myself. Anyway hopefully you're all doing well and have a lovely Xmas. See you early next year for some exciting news regarding the 2019 CHB World Championship..
  2. Roe

    The children's website that teaches kids how to draw Nazi symbols

    What on earth is this garbage?
  3. Roe

    Could a well-prepared wasp beat a human in a fight?

    Hear me out.. * Let's say the wasp has unlimited stings, and doesn't need to rest at any time. I don't know how many stings it would take to seriously hurt your average person but I'm guessing it's quite a lot. For the sake of shortening the fight a little, let's impose that if our wasp can...
  4. Roe

    Is there a way to not have the site act like a piece of shit?

    It's slow, unresponsive, hurts my eyes to look at, and comes up with more errors than a Panamanian defending a corner. I've tried looking in the back end but can't see the where I'd find the "stop being a cunt" option to tick. Is there a way we can all donate a few quid or something and at...
  5. Roe

    How do I make this forum orange again?

    I don't like it being blue and the thread titles now seem smaller than they were before
  6. Roe

    Dean Francis RIP

    Seems to be news coming out that Dean Francis has sadly passed away aged just 44.
  7. Roe

    Funny fuck up on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

    :lol: This is brilliant. I loved Millionaire back in the day tbg and Clarkson has done a good job hosting it this time round. I hope they do more.
  8. Roe

    Rio Ferdinand retires from boxing

    "It is with a heavy heart that I am hanging up my gloves" :lol: Seriously. Ferdinand claims that the board wouldn't review his application for a license and that he wasn't "given the chance to demonstrate [his] ability to the BBBofC through the standard assessment offered to others"...
  9. Roe

    Without looking, do you know which months have 31 days?

    There's a few that are obvious like February, October and December but out of the rest do you know them all?
  10. Roe

    Sainsbury's merging with Asda

    Little bit of business news this morning, it seems that 2 of the UK's biggest supermarkets are gonna be merging. Sainsbury's and Asda are gonna fuck each other until they become the overall #1 in the country, now that past-prime Tesco has started slipping. What an Asda/Sainsbury's mash-up...
  11. Roe

    Tell me about the whistles

    The whistles go "woooooooooooo"
  12. Roe

    Do you say "..and I" or "me and.."?

    It's one of those grammatical corrections that comes up every so often. I know that technically it's "..and I" because you wouldn't say "me went to the shops", unless you were Ali G. But which one do you actually use in real life speech?
  13. Roe

    Iain Lee falls down a well

  14. Roe

    CHB World Championship 2018 - One to watch becomes World Champion

    Welcome to the first ever CHB World Championship. I've put together a list of the top 30 (+2 wildcards) forum posters based on: 1. The top 20 posters with the most posts in the forums 2. The top 20 posters with the most liked posts, that didn't already qualify by being in the top 20 3. Cuz it...
  15. Roe

    Which normally peeled fruit would you rather eat unpeeled?

    The threads on here have been a bit heavy lately. Guys being beaten up left right and centre, people being convicted for making youtube videos, and other random anti-Muslim shit so I feel like we need a bit of a change of pace. Today's Q is simple - which of the normally peeled fruits would...
  16. Roe

    Donald Trump wants America to have a "Space Force"

  17. Roe

    Woman on 'The Chase' quickly "passes" almost every question

    :lol: If this is legit then fair play to the woman for giving it a go I guess but it seems like she's on the wind up imo.
  18. Roe

    Should snowball fights be banned from schools?

    :lol: This is hilarious but I actually find myself agreeing with the teacher guy. That said, if I was a kid I'd still be chucking snow at all the loser kids anyway.
  19. Roe

    Fergie absolutely butchers already terrible US anthem

    :rofl Sir Alex would've done a better job.
  20. Roe

    What would you do if you were homeless?

    I'd like to think that if I ever become homeless, there are a few people (family/friends etc) that I could temporarily lean on to help me get back on my feet. But if that wasn't an option, and you were completely out on the streets on your own.. what would you do?