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  1. Yiddle

    Daft question

    What the difference between a ferret and weasel
  2. Yiddle

    Lost in the desert

    You are in the desert but you have 6 male camel's tethered together . You've run out of water you know you will get to safety in 7 days . Would you drink the camel urine or choose to die
  3. Yiddle

    Favourite ice cream

    I'm was on a bit of a ice cream bender last weekend tried various flavours with different things sort settled on rum& raisin with a dark chocolate mousse as being my favourite Any suggestions
  4. Yiddle

    Another Afghan refugee? Two stabbing s in Germany recently one at least fatal these refugees sure seem grateful. serious mental health issues perhaps
  5. Yiddle

    Andy till vs wally swift 1&2

    Two fights I really enjoyed years back but don't really get mentioned now
  6. Yiddle

    The penis & the stingray

    A man was left in agony after his penis was stung by a stingray when he was swimming in the sea. The man was left rolling around on the sand in pain after the animal's barb hooked onto his genitals. When he crawled back onto the beach in Sanya in China's Hainan province, the stingray was still...
  7. Yiddle

    Yesterday weighing you're own shit got me thinking

    So yesterday saw something mentioned on here about weighing you're own shit . So this morning when I woke I thought right what about volume of urine . Had a shit it hit the scales at 1 lb 6 ounces Had a wee which totalled three quarters of a pint Just thought I'd share
  8. Yiddle

    Your favourite fighters

    Say you named you're top 7 favourite fighters on here How many are similar to each other ? Do you have a type of fighter you prefer ? How many are fighters there's not much film of ? Do they have to be champions
  9. Yiddle

    What a cunt
  10. Yiddle

    Tim witherspoon

    Tim Witherspoon transported in his prime back to 1950 how far could he go would he win the title
  11. Yiddle

    Wilder vs Lyle

    15 rounds Deontay Wilder vs Ron Lyle Myself I would take Lyle to win by stoppage around the 8th . Lyle had a decent jab plus I'm not convince wilder has the chin needed to win this .
  12. Yiddle

    Beau jack book

    Just wondering if anyone here knows of any new books in the last 5 years about beau jack
  13. Yiddle

    If Leonard had stayed retited

    So Leonard stays retired Hagler would probably not of retired after the Mugabi fight . So who's hagler going to fight graham, kalambay or a hearns rematch who else was in the frame . Would hagler of stayed champ or was Father Time ready to step him .
  14. Yiddle

    Wlad and vitali

    forget their size for a short while if we had a magic time machine and we could transport the brothers back in time how would their grappling skills look compared to the fighters of Jeffries era . More gabbing and grappling allowed the thinner gloves allowing the arm tiring squeezing
  15. Yiddle

    Kell brook vs Kirkland Laing

    brook vs Laing 12 rounds at welter
  16. Yiddle

    Tommy Loughran Vs.

    Tommy Loughran Vs Matthew saad Muhammad Over 15 rounds
  17. Yiddle

    No Larry H

    if Larry Holmes had not been around would any of the heavyweights been dominant for any period of time If so who . Personally I can't see any of them holding a belt for more than a few defences if any attempt was made to unify any of the titles . Coney you'd have to feel would of won a strap...
  18. Yiddle

    What's going on in Brussels

  19. Yiddle

    Floyd Patterson vs David Haye

    Patterson vs Haye Over 15 rounds , I can't see it going the distance
  20. Yiddle

    Esb not up and running

    Just tried to get onto ESB to look at kirks prediction league and the sites down . Is the site dead ?