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    Reynhard Sinaga: 'Evil sexual predator' jailed for life for 136 rapes

    BBC News - Reynhard Sinaga: 'Evil sexual predator' jailed for life for 136 rapes A man convicted of 159 sex offences, including 136 rapes, will "never be safe to be released", a judge has said. Reynhard Sinaga was found guilty of luring 48 men from...
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    Deciding not to have children for environmental reasons?

    Quick question! Has anyone here gave serious consideration to not having children because of environmental reasons? I was listening to James O Brien on the radio and he was discussing this topic. The amount of young people who phoned in to claim that they were not having children because of...
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    South Park - Trans Athletes

  4. Pedderrs

    The police at work...again
  5. Pedderrs

    Former Nazi guard, 93, to stand trial in Germany over thousands of camp murders

    A former Nazi concentration camp guard has gone on trial on 5,230 counts of being an accessory to murder. Bruno Dey, 93, was a guard at the Stutthof camp east of Danzig - Gdansk – in Poland from August 1944 to April 1945. There is no evidence he directly participated in any killings, but...
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    What websites do you use on a regular basis?

    So yeah, what websites do you boys use on a regular basis? Where do you get your news? Where do you go for film reviews, album reviews, or maybe you use other forums in addition to this one? Discuss.
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    RBR!!! Big Drama Show tonight... GGG vs Derevyanchenko!

    Ya'll musta forgot...
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    The Police at work. Thoughts?

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    Was Ralphie REALLY that bad?

    Ralph Cifaretto. People seem to suggest this character was despicable, even by The Sopranos standards, but I don't see it. I mean she was a fucking HOO-ERR, and she hit him. So besides beating the pregnant HOO-ERR to death, what else distinguished Ralphie as being any worse than anyone else in...
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    Is it unethical to listen to Lost Prophets?

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    New Year's Resolutions?

    Whether you're confident you'll see them through or not, what challenges are you setting yourself for the upcoming year!?!? Let's hear 'em.
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    Damaged my door! Best way to proceed?

    'Kay brahs, I've damaged one of the internal doors to my rented apartment. It's a generic wooden internal door, unfinished. Now I'm useless at DIY but this is obviously something I need rectifying, so does anyone know what I'm likely to be paying for a replacement? Regards Pedderrs
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    Brendan struggles with math

    @Strike will love this.
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    When Fury got up in the 12th...

    Let's be honest, we were all like this guy... Greatest recovery of all time? I think so.
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    Wearing black gloves, does it make you harder?

    Apparently not.
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    Bari Weiss - Smash or no Smash?

    Oh, my answer is an emphatic yes.
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    Is Floyd Mayweather narcissistic?

    Leave your votes below. Thanks.
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    Kendrick Lamar invites a fan to sing his lyrics...

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    Any news on Christopher Eubanks Junior

    Hi guys. I was just wondering if anyone had heard any news regarding the potential match up between Christopher Eubanks Junior and Stephen Smith for the Muhammad Ali trophy? I've sent Christopher a DM on both Twitter and Instagram but he hasn't got back to me yet, and neither has his dad. I...