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  1. Zopilote

    Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs Gilberto Roman

    So, how does the tough Thai powerhouse do against the slick Mexican technician at 115lbs?? @Lester1583 @Flea Man @Sweet Pea
  2. Zopilote

    Floyd opponent with the best defense?

    Throughout his career, we’ve seen Floyd Mayweather jr neutralize many opponents with good offenses, but which of his opponents had the best defense?? @Lester1583 @Bogotazo @bballchump11
  3. Zopilote

    The Orlando Salido appreciation thread!!

    In honor of his 36th birthday, I would like to dedicate this thread to one of THE biggest warriors and one of the best boxing stories of the past couple decades: Orlando Salido Rivera. Born in the same city of the legendary Mexican great Julio Cesar Chavez, the man known as "Siri" would make...
  4. Zopilote

    Naoya body puncher in the sport today?

    Agree or disagree?? HM's: Estrada, Gonzalez, Matthysse, Marquez, Cotto, Lomachenko, Canelo, Golovkin, Santa Cruz, Crawford
  5. Zopilote

    Edwin Rosario vs Jose Luis Castillo at 135lbs

    How do the good folks of the Historical see this going? Can Jose Luis Castillo apply the same type of pressure Chavez did against Rosario and force a stoppage, or would Chapo lay him the fuck out?
  6. Zopilote

    WARLANDO Salido returns on the 20th! face off against Terdsak Kokietgym! MAny of us remember Kokietgym from that absolutely brutal beating he took at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez back in 2006, however, that was...
  7. Zopilote

    JuanMa Lopez returns this Thursday against Jesus Cuellar..

    ...will be on the undercard of the Ortiz-Kayode bout. How do you guys see Lopez doing here?
  8. Zopilote

    Juan Francisco Estrada returns on the 26th!!! At the scene. Happy to see El Gallito finally in action again!! :happy T o anyone unfamiliar with his next opponent, Richie Mepranum is the dude that took Hernan "Tyson" Marquez' "0" about 3 years ago...
  9. Zopilote

    Yaqui Lopez vs today's top 3 Light Heavyweights?

    As we all know, Yaqui Lopez never became a champ, although he has a strong argument of deserving to be one in more than one occasion...But then again, he was also stuck in a very STACKED Light Heavyweight division...So i ask the Classic...How would Lopez do in todays Light Heavyweight scene? In...