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  1. oldjoe

    50/50 relationships

    Missus mate goes 50/50 on everything with her fella. She's on shit minimum wage, zero hour contract and the bloke is on a salary. Was out the other night with them and thought did well as evening went on not ask wtf up with that. Is that typical nowadays, sound right to others?
  2. oldjoe

    Action Film #1 Bad Guy

    Been watching some classic action films over xmas period. Mostly 80s & 90s. Is it clear cut whose the #1 best, Hans Gruber (Die Hard) Cyrus The Virus (Con Air) Norman Stansfield (Leon) - there are plenty of contenders. My nomination. Penn, Under Siege 2. Great quote "Assumption is the...
  3. oldjoe

    Shearer | Owen Both world class players at one point. What's the consensus on who was better? Shearer comes across as bit of a cunt.
  4. oldjoe

    Ranking Career Opponents

    A look at boxers careers by just acknowledging fights at world level. World Level - considered in top 10 Standings Vasiliy Lomachenko, 58% Jimmy McLarnin, 52% Ezzard Charles, 40% Mike Tyson, 36% Sugar Ray Robinson, 26% Danny Garcia, 24% Anthony Joshua, 23% Saul Alvarez, 20% Nigel Been, 17%...
  5. oldjoe

    60 Second Interviews

  6. oldjoe

    Ring Magazine Ratings

    It seems they're the go to reference, especially for historical what-ifs, ducks etc. Are there dates where you think they were solid, if so when, or any other opinion really as I'm starting to look into older eras in more depth.
  7. oldjoe

    Old Ring Mags

    I'm looking to sell my decent Ring mags, know there is a complete run from 41-46 and then patchy to end of 49. Can't remember exact numbers before 41, but got randoms across 30's. If anyone interested get in touch - otherwise have go the ebay route.
  8. oldjoe

    10 weeks, 10 pounds

    Created this to kick off another period of holding myself accountable. Just weighed myself at 164.8lbs. Heaviest I've been since I started dropped the weight / being healthy about 2-3 years ago. Aiming for loss of 1 pound per week over next 10 weeks. I haven't been in a boxing gym for years...
  9. oldjoe

    1927 Ring Magazine Greatest Picks

    1927 Ring Magazine "expert" ballot results. If you did a top 5 today, are any names still there?