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    Lewis v Fury and Wilder

    Is it too early to be asking this? Lewis seemed to get better with age and obviously I'm talking prime Lewis with Manny Steward here. The only taller men I remember him fighting we're Akinwande and Michael Grant. I can see him knocking out Joshua like he did Grant imho. Could Wilder catch him...
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    Calzaghe v Froch

    Who wins? I'm on the go posting from my mobile and the only common opponent I can name is Kessler who Calzaghe handed his first defeat. I know Calzaghe beat Jones and Hopkins at the end of his and their careers. Although getting knocked down, he dominated those two. Hopkins went on to do great...
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    What Is Best For Anthony Joshua?

    I strongly believe it's in Joshua's best interest to sit out for at least six months to a year. Have the young man sit out. Let the HW title picture play out. He's an Olympic Gold Medalist and had 23 fights in six years. He's been rocked in fights before this and for me it wasn't a matter of if...
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    Times When Someone Got The Best of You

    How many arguments or discussions can you say that you have you lost on here? Outta frustration or just looking back and realizing the other guy was right? I think I lose about half the arguments I get into because I look back at the stuff I said in the moment and it's clear that I lost my head...
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    Calling Out Those Whose Post on CHB and the Other Forum

    Haggis, primate, and that rest of you fuckers have no shame. Talking about the same topics on both sites?:lol: The shit that was talked over there is on record. The other site is dead and will be a fucking dud in the end. To secretly leave CHB and come back (let alone post on both sites) is some...
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    Suspects in Va. Police Officer Killing Will Not Face Death Penalty

    Don't shoot the messenger.
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    Phoenix Police Officer Shoots Dead Unarmed Drug Dealer