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    Is Haney Racist? Looks to me like despite his protestations to the contrary Haney has a problem with white people...
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    Arum Says Ticket prices will drop?

    Anyone believe Arum, EH or Warren are actually gonna drop prices?
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    Anthony Yarde's father dies from COVID19 Thoughts with Yarde and his family on this terrible news.
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    Coronavirus effect on Boxing

    Interested to hear what peoples thoughts are on the likelihood of any of the major fights in 2020 going ahead? Whyte v Povetkin Usyk v Chisora Joshua v Pulev Fury v Wilder III All are mean't to happen before mid July. I would put money on none of these occurring. I think there will be no...
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    Is Martin Crazy?

    Is Martin Crazy? I have more of getting a fight with AJ than he does! :banana:banana:banana:banana:banana:banana
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    Any One else think Hearn is wrong to offer 50/50?

    Does anyone else think EH is wrong to offer 50/50 for AJ versus Wilder/Fury? AJ has 3/4 of the belts and by far the better resume (ok he has one loss but he has actually fought decent opponents unlike DW and TF who only fight gimmies). AJ is still bringing the bulk of the fans and the proven...
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    Andres Gutierrez 11lbs over! Biggest overweight ever? Is this the biggest miss ever? He didn't just miss the Super featherweight limit, he missed Lightweight and Super - lightweight too!! :rofl:rofl:rofl. He must have been reading Andy Ruiz's "How to win a world title as a Fat bastard" strategy! Lol...
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    Should Kovalev Retire?

    I was wondering whether people thing Kovalev should hang up his gloves? My opinion is yes, he lost to Canelo despite a reasonably good performance but he doesn't have the magic anymore. Yarde very nearly KO'd in R8 and I can't see him winning another World title unless Canelo vacates and he...
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    Super Cruiserweight?

    What are peoples thoughts on the idea of a Super Crusierweight division? Wikipedia indicates the IBA had such a class between 190-210 pounds. James Toney won this title in 2001 but never defended it. The IBC also had a version in the late nineties. It would seem to me that a division between the...
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    Fury to quit in 2020 Am I getting sucked in or could it be true this loadmouth will sod off to the fake poncy world of WWE next year!?
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    Fury and the WWE nonsense I'm interested to see how all the Fury fanboys justify this travesty? WWE is such a joke and any genuine sportsman wouldn't get involved with this rubbish. But let's what lame excuses you lot come up with.....
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    Ruiz/Joshua v Usyk (WBO Mandatory) Usyk is now officially the WBO mandatory and will fight the Winner of Joshua v Ruiz II. My feeling is it is too early for Usyk to challenge either. If AJ wins the rematch, to have done that he will have learnt to use his natural physical advantages...
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    Breidis v Glowacki

    How the hell was that allowed? Talk about favouring the home fighter! Breidis elbowed him him in the face and knocked him down after the bell! If the the WBO don't rule that as a No Contest or DSQ that is ridiculous. Stuff like this is why people think Boxing is fixed!
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    Billy Joe Saunders = Fury Fan boy?

    It seems to me that Billy Joe Saunders is a massive Fury Fan boy. In this video he makes the ridiculous suggestion that AJ would have to beat Ruiz AND Whyte AND Wilder to earn a Fury match? Surely even the most hardcore Fury Lovers think that is extreme? If AJ wins he has the 3 belts back so to...
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    Eddie Hearn

    I know this is just gone rile everyone up as round here no one is an AJ/Matchroom supporter but I'm still interested.... What do people think of Eddie Hearn? I have being watching alot of his stuff on IFL tv and I really enjoy his Interviews. He is clearly a little bit of an Essex wide boy but...
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    Having Class - Does it matter anymore?

    I'm interested in people's thoughts on whether having Class matters anymore? I have always been a fan of sportsmen who display a lot of integrity, professionalism and humility which I collectively think of as "Class". This is why Michael Johnson, Thierry Henry, Lewis Hamilton and Roger Federer...
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    Sky sports - Joshua v Ruiz jr - Available on Youtube

    For anyone who hasn't seen it.....
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    How good could Ruiz be if he wasn't fat?

    If Ruiz lost 4st and was 15-15½ stone, how good would he be? Surely not carrying around 56lbs of flab would help him massively? His speed would improve further and his stamina for 12 rounds would surely be better (even if it's not a big weakness) people would see him as a much more credible long...