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  1. BigBone

    China is doing a massive f*cking experiment - Covid round 2 may be coming

    It's a beautiful day in mid-December China, half a billion good ppl. are en route to work, tens of millions of the elderly are taking a light stroll and schools are buzzing with children's voice. It is also when several doctors are reporting an unknown virus to authorities, begging quarantine as...
  2. BigBone

    Greta vs. AntiGreta - who wins? (10 rounds)

    It's main event at the MGM Grand, LV, for single most important human fight in history! 10 rounds sanctioned by the NSAC, referee: Steve Smoger! In the red corner: Greta "Greta" Thunberg! In the blue corner: Naomi "AntiGreta!" Seibt!
  3. BigBone

    Christina Ricci is 40, rate her (pictures inside)

    Still looking prime!!! Hot in her 30s! Hottie back in the day too!
  4. BigBone

    The Hot Ones - Will Ferrell

    This might be literally the hottest thing on YouTube right now, and damn, Margot is batting on this one, even starting to get undressed! ❤ ❤ ❤
  5. BigBone

    The Big Lebowski II trailer is out - The Jesus Rolls!

    Or more like the Jesus spinoff. Looks... actually fun?
  6. BigBone

    Golden Globes verdict: Hollywood still scared shitless of Netflix, streaming giants

    Had to see it coming: 34 film/TV nominations by streaming giant Netflix "killing or network / theater business", 2 awards. Most obvious snub is Scorsese's magnum opus, The Irishman, front runner for best film, direction, screenplay and supporting actor (legendary Joe Pesci) - got none of it. I...
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    Nudes for Koala is the new Bone for Tuna - Instagram celebrity sends you bare pics and videos for Aussie donation

    Self-promotion, faptime and saving the world never worked out this well before: (currently banned) Insta star Kaylen Ward sends you nekkid pictures and videos if you donate at least $10 for saving Koalas is Aussie wildfires. The un-naked version:
  8. BigBone

    Elon Musk Ventures - SpaceX Puts Crew Dragon to ISS, Tesla Recovering from Pandemic and Riots

    Crew Dragon Demo-2 Mission kicks off on May 27, 4:33 PM Florida time, first US crew launch since 2011! Live Streams: Everything Elon Musk goes here! Tesla Tesla Fremont, Nevada and New York factories are opening gradually Tesla stock over $100Bil market cap despite the drama and...
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    Rate this scene from THE WIRE!

    Well, spoilers?
  10. BigBone

    ~ Telly Series of the Decade (2010-2019) ~

    Disclaimer: in order to qualify as The Telly Series of THIS decade, one must have at least 60% of all episodes aired between 2010 and end of 2019, so Breaking Bad qualifies, Curb Your Enthusiasm does not This was likely the best ever decade on television, but from Hodor to Pinkman to character...
  11. BigBone

    ~ Movie of the Decade (2010-2019) - side note: what is your animated pick? ~

    The Irishman is upon us so perhaps we should hold out on our judgement till 2019 is over, but I nominate Mad Max Fury Road (2015) anyway, and if you haven't seen it on the giant screen with a dozen speakers making your guts shake, kindly piss off with your "overrated, underwritten feminist...
  12. BigBone

    Tarantino / Scorsese / Anderson / Richie / Boyle - best taste in pop music?

    Each of these legendary directors use pop music in key movie moments as well as background, and they usually rock! But which one has the best taste in music selection for their flicks? You may post your favorites. @Pedderrs @Penis Face Cat Funeral @Arka @Lunny @2manyusernames...
  13. BigBone

    16 yrs later: Rate OLDBOY (2003)

    Besides Mulholland Dr., There Will Be Blood, Last Life in the Universe or something like Amelie - Oldboy by far had the largest impact on my movie perception in the first decade of the 2000s. It's just about perfect in every sense from storytelling to direction to acting to music to sound design...
  14. BigBone

    Rate THE MATRIX 20 yrs later - Breaking! Matrix 4 out on May 21, 2021

    First of all: fuck me (no homo), it's been 20 years since Neo bullet timed through Agent Smith and random SWAT ppl. 20 fucking years! Still, I love the movie almost as much as I did when it stunned me as a teenager... 2 decades ago. Some well mixed philosophy and depth, religious symbolism...
  15. BigBone

    GLASS movie trailer (Unbreakable/Split scrossover with James McAvoy, Bruce Willis & Sam Jackson

    Looks both quite interesting a something set up for disaster. What will Mr. Shyamalan come up with this time around? P.S. Sarah Paulson ❤❤❤
  16. BigBone

    It's f'n hot!!!

    Hate this shit. Not sure of alcohol helps, but...
  17. BigBone

    Best TV intro / theme ever?

    Well? Let me drop in one:
  18. BigBone

    ~ THE EXPANSE - Season 4 Live to Binge! ~

    WHAT IS THE EXPANSE? It's a world building, realistic space opera oft compared to Game of Thrones, since it has several factions, fewer but more fleshed out characters, political intrigue, backstabbing, bloody action, tragedy, personal journeys, conspiracy plus a ot of science. Not boring-ass...
  19. BigBone

    Who here watched less than 10 full boxing matches so for this year?

    This might be a boxing forum (but really this is @Jay's attempt to stay relevant in life and even that is a gift by @Lunny), but how many of the lounge lads are actually here for something different? How many boxing matches have you seen this year so far?