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  1. Someguy101

    Any arm wrestling fans here?

    And any Devon Larratt fans? I know Larratts not considered the GOAT but he's one of the best in the sport and an utter freak of nature. And genuinely seems to be one of the nicest guys you'll ever see in the sport too. This is him vs the strongest Man in the world..... Technique video...
  2. Someguy101

    Look at this fucking Nazi! look at this sick fucker right here!

    BBC? CNN? Twitter? BLM? Facebook?
  3. Someguy101

    China sending it's two aircraft carriers for war games against an island near Taiwan Bold fucker's aren't they? :rofl
  4. Someguy101

    Remember when I said China was strangely very passive about the HK protests

    Now I guess we know why. Playing the long game..... China is seeking to pass a law that would ban "treason, secession, sedition and subversion" in Hong Kong. Checkmate I think. HK is fucked .
  5. Someguy101

    Does this really work??

    I remember an old thread on ESB someone said they tried something like this and it stung like a motherfucker. This guy seems chilled as they come applying a similar type of product. Any of you chaps ever used something like this?
  6. Someguy101

    My lord it's so HOT!!!!

    Any other UK dwellers feeling this burn? It's pitch black outside and I feel like i'm in SE Asia!
  7. Someguy101

    Toxic White Male (& 3 others) suddenly drop a lawsuit against Google...

    They've abruptly asked for the case to be dismissed. I have no proof of this but it smells like a settlement...
  8. Someguy101

    I like Musk but he's been a cunt to Ma in this video

    Several times throughout he mocks Ma. And this is in Shanghai. I didn't see anything wrong with Ma's answers, in fact I'd say his view is more Asian in perspective and cultural but I get it. And it makes sense. This was really pathetic by Musk. Total dick move.
  9. Someguy101

    It's official: Snyder Cut is being released on HBO Max! For anyone that doesn't know this is a completely different movie. Not just extra scenes. Darkseid's in it, Superman's black suit, no CGI moustache removal, no silly...
  10. Someguy101

    China throws 80% tariffs @ Australia "Earlier in May China claimed Australia dumped barley and subsidised farmers " :rofl Pot called. Said Kettle is black.
  11. Someguy101

    Unreal 5 Playstation 5 realtime tech demo

    This is a tech demo running on PS5 Hardware
  12. Someguy101

    US borrows $2.999 trillion for Covid this quarter

    That's more than five times the previous quarterly record of $569bn set during the 2008 crisis That's $ 9,500 per citizen, $38,000 per family of four. For. One. Quarter. Wait...gets worse US debt is now $25 trillion after this borrowing. That's $75,000 per person. £300,000 per family of...
  13. Someguy101

    Some people make me fucking sick....

    So I just popped by Tesco grab 4 tins for the night after work. I'm walking out & walk past this big-ass Nigerian looking security guard, speaking broken English, but very pleasantly to this fat Romanian looking women. He's saying "excuse me ma'am but your trolley has more items on it then the...
  14. Someguy101

    Any laserdisc lovers here???

    Ok, maybe its just me. But I'm a big laserdisc affection-ado. This was basically a large DVD of UNCOMPRESSED video. I've been spending alot of my covid-19 time searching for players and discs online. if you've never heard this term before you don't know what you're missing. Collect LD's is...
  15. Someguy101

    Let's talk about the economy now and post Covid-19.

    No one's really discussed this yet. The government has said nowt and the media just as little. But post Covid how's this all gonna be paid for? We thought 2008 austerity hit hard but we never paid that off, we waited, hoping the economy would pickup and pay it off. It did not. As the first...
  16. Someguy101

    Zheng He Ship - True or False?

    To scale vs Christopher Columbas's ship. In fact, if the dimensions rumoured are true it's twice the size of the largest Ever wooden european vessel and comparable to early steel ones. Napolean, Nelson...those were minnows compared to this behemoth! The question is, is it true? There's no...
  17. Someguy101

    Who the fuck is peeling onions here?

    Really? Do you have to???
  18. Someguy101

    Are Millennials about to see a wealth boom? ? Seems...
  19. Someguy101

    Disgraceful. The UK can't even adapt it's industry to make face masks I'm sorry this is disgusting. We can't even manufacture cotton / nylon filters on elastic to stick around our faces in quantity? Call me out for over reacting if you wish. I'll...
  20. Someguy101

    Dancing Pallbearers. Disrespectful or Epic?

    I mean if you were the dead guy in the coffin. Would you be pleased or pissed if this was your funeral procession? P.S. there's a shit ton of great meme bids out there based on these. They have me pissing myself!