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  1. thewoo

    "emotional support" animals

    Am I the only one that thinks this shit is getting ridiculous. Obviously every fucking adult child that can't stand to be away from their pet forore than 5 minutes is just claiming that it's a support animal. It's time we just start executing these fucking losers. I fly several times a month...
  2. thewoo

    WTF Britain? Are they forcing estrogen injections on you guys?

    What kind of shit is this? In addition to being practically a police state where the government is telling you what you can and can't watch this is just some straight up pussification like I haven't seen before. Is this real...
  3. thewoo

    What should be the goal of the criminal justice system?

    Punishment - pretty self explanatory. Retribution/revenge. This can also work as a deterrent. If people fear the consequences of a crime they may be less likely to commit it. Rehabilitation - Help the criminal become a better person and re-enter society Protect the public - remove the threat...
  4. thewoo

    Seems like Republicans are terrified of people voting

    The turtle man claims that attempts to turn election day into a national Holiday is a power grab by Democrats. What does it say about the Republican party if by their own admission more people voting is bad for them and they want to block it...
  5. thewoo

    Shows you really wanted to like but couldn't get into

    I think the thread title is pretty self explanatory. For me Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men and both for the same reasons. I felt both were beautifully made shows with top notch acting. When they were good they were very good but had just too much downtime and long stretches of boring shit. In...
  6. thewoo

    real estate/education question for non americans

    How big a deal are school districts where your from when buying property? Obviously it'd help to know where youre from. Over here it's a huge deal. Identical houses a mule apart can vary by 20-50% in price depending on what district they fall in. Theres a small town by me that managed to get...
  7. thewoo

    What's your workout split?

    So many different schools of thought on the best training methods. Some of the most popular splits: Bro Splits: 1 day per muscle group. typical bro split would be Monday-chest, Tuesday-back, Wednesday-legs, Thursday-shoulders, Friday-arms, Saturday and Sunday rest days. Upper lower- Upper body...
  8. thewoo

    Trump admits he's just sending random names in for judicial nominees.

    So my title is a bit click baity but not too far off. This latest nominee withdrew on his own after getting completely embarrassed during his confirmation hearing and the white house response is that Trump isn't really looking into these people and expects the Senate to sift through his garbage...
  9. thewoo

    Burgers vs Tacos

    If I found out tomorrow that I could only eat these 2 foods the rest of my life i would be just fine. On the other hand if I had to pick 1 I would go mad trying to decide. Both are delicious and have endless possibilities. Burgers can have different toppings, cheeses, buns, sauces etc. tacos...
  10. thewoo

    how do people this stupid get elected?

    the fact that idiots like this wield any type of power or influence is scary.
  11. thewoo

    what are some of your favorite YouTube channels?

    whether it's fitness, educational, funny, whatever. what's some of the shit you like to watch I YouTube. I quite enjoy ozzyman for humor.
  12. thewoo

    British posters. How do you feel about your royal family?

    The whole concept of the public supporting a bunch of years for no reason other than their ancestors were important seems retarded to me. What's the general consensus over there. Is everyone cool with it? Are you guys tired of that shit?
  13. thewoo

    Cop murdered days before he was supposed to testify against dirty cops

    This seems like some shit out of a movie and shit doesn't add up. Since when do detectives investigate random people for acting weird? We aren't talking about some beat cops here. Why didn't the partner even attempt to help during a struggle in which a suspect was able to wrestle his weapon away...
  14. thewoo

    women that got hotter as they got older?

    who are some women that have aged well to the point where they are hotter (relative to their age) than they were when they were younger? Someone like Julia Louise Deryfus, She was in her early to late 30's during Seinfeld and while she was by no means ugly, She wasn't really anything special...
  15. thewoo

    Victoria Justice vs Ariana Grande (vs Hilary Duff)

    Yes this Is inspired by the Ariana Grande thread. My kids watched the shows that these 2 girls were on when they were growing up and now that they're all grown up I never really understood why Ariana gets so much more love and attention than Victoria. IMO Victoria is hotter in every way. She...
  16. thewoo

    Should we do away with the president's ability to pardon?

    It's always seemed like too much power for 1 person to have IMO and a pretty blatant violation of our system of checks and balances. You have the legislative branch that says something is illegal, your judicial branch that interprets the law and finds someone guilty of the crime through due...
  17. thewoo

    Any Drake fans in here

    Never liked his music at all. Any time I hear his music it feels like 1 long hook and I'm just sitting there waiting for him to start rapping. I keep hearing how he's some brilliant lyricist but I just don't hear it. I also hear him getting hate for using ghost writers which is even worse if...
  18. thewoo

    Any "keto" dieters on here?

    this shit seems to be all the rage now. for those that don't know, you basically eat a ton of fat almost no carbs and a lot less protein. your split would look something like 75% calories from fat, 25% protein, 5% carbs. I personally don't like any diet that's too restrictive which is why I...
  19. thewoo

    what's the saddest/most depression song you can think of

    for me it'd be "dance with the devil" by immortal technique". first time I heard it a appreciated how artistic and incredibly well made it was but I only ever listened to it the one time cause I can't bring myself to listen to it again despite it being a masterpiece. runner up would be "one"...
  20. thewoo

    Tom Brady's legacy

    Watching the Patriots this season has me asking the same questions I did when Matt Cassell looked like a HOF quarter back years ago. How good is Tom Brady. When he goes down, gets suspended, is on the bench during preseason, not matter the reason when he's not on the field the Patriots still...